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Thread: Gerd and feeling tired

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    Gerd and feeling tired

    Latley when i wake up with a bad flareup i continue to have it through out the day..I than get really tired and take a nap anyone else do that,or know if that is normal..

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    Hi Trailer man

    I get really tired also, I sleep I feel really exhausted at times.
    Love Michelle x

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    Hey Trailer

    My guess is when our days are enveloped with illness from the very beginning of waking up; it's the doomed feeling that makes us just want to lay around. How can you feel like doing something when you feel crappy and discouraged? The condition itself may not be what has you laying around. You may have to force yourself to do something positive even if it's sitting outside in the sun reading a really good book or just concentrating on something other than what's going on inside our bodies. I missed a few months of REAL life by laying on my couch after work and on weekends. I figured it was a problem whether I layed around or did something. I was scared lots of the time, but with great encouragement from the awesome people on this forum; I had to look forward to something; anything. I still have boo boos, but the quality of my life has improved quite a bit. Wish you WELL!!!!!!!!!!! Iris

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    Hey Trailer man,

    I'm always really tired too. (worse tired when HB/acidy taste in my mouth is worse) Some people say PPI's make you tired, but mine is even without them. I do take a med that makes you tired, but like I said, I'm so much more tired when HB's worse! Try taking your nap in this beautiful summer sun, & then it's not a total waste!

    Love ya lots, get feeling better, Shannon

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