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  • Ketchup

    Once I could start eating French Fries I quickly realized that French Fries without ketchup just was not the same. I tried mixing in one packet of Coffee Tamer in the ketchup and had no problem with the acid.

    I now use a little pH Choice mixed in with the ketchup. pH Choice is more powerful so I use less. It is also a finer granule which dissolves more completely in cold foods and drink.

    But, the Coffee Tamer did the job in a pinch!

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    All Things Red

    I always use the Tummy Tammer on my tomato/spaghetti sauce and it works just fine. My Tummy Tamer is getting low so I will soon be getting the PH Choice. Sounds like a good upgrade.


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      does the tummy tamer really help?


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        If acid is the trigger in foods and drink, which it is for a lot of people, then it will help. Remember, it is not a cure for Gerd. It is designed to reduce acid in foods and drink so that you have a greater range of things you can consume.

        The pH Science tablets are designed to neutralize acid already int he stomach.

        Our main goal is to help people that are having to deal with this disease. I would have given anything to have a message board such as this one to be able to talk with other people dealing with Gerd and know that I was not the only one in the world suffering with it.. That is why I started this web site and message forum...

        Everything costs money and maintaining a web site this large is not inexpensive. Some of the cost is still coming out of my personal pocket each month..

        I was approached by the Tamer people about advertising their products several years ago. Since I would not advertise anything that did not work or could possibly cause problems I went into an extensive testing program using their products.. I experimented on everyone that could not out run me. I was amazed how well they worked and the low acid coffee beans make an excellent tasting coffee. (Sometimes it is hard to keep it in stock) Eventually the president of the Tamer company suggested that I sell the product to help defray the cost of the web site.

        We also have many, many repeat customers which tells me it is working real well for others too. We even have people buying the 150ct Packet Boxes by the case.

        I always tell people to start out slow.. try a half cup of coffee using Coffee Tamer or the more powerful pH Choice and see how it goes.. Sometimes a little of something will be ok but a lot is not.

        I just started experimenting with orange juice.. I was real hesitant because that was always a real big trigger for me. I have been drinking it for several days now. A juice glass full every morning without problems.. I started with two shakes of pH Choice but am now down to just one shake mixed in real well.


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          I have a sister that cant seem to give up coffee and all the trigger foods. I bought her a box of ph science for her christmas stocking. Glad I read this line of posts.


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            I'm new to this LPR reduced acid diet stuff. I was very excited to find this forum and learn about the Tamer products.

            I bought a small bunch of packets of the Coffee Tamer and a small shaker of the PH Balance. The packets are good because you can keep them with you and discreetly shake them on food or into beverages when you are not home. This holiday season, with all sorts of "mystery food" being served at parties, it really helped my peace of mind.

            I keep the PH Balance shaker in my kitchen.

            So far I have been avoiding most acidic foods (since I was just diagnosed with LPR a month ago). But I really missed my morning decaf mocha (homemade). Now I put a packet of Tamer into it and I can enjoy it again. No side effects at all, and no discernable change in taste, either. Soon I will get brave enough to try the products with ketchup or other acidic foods.

            Basically the Tamer products are (correct me if I'm wrong) the same ingredients that are found in something like Tums or Rolaids. But instead of reducing the acid when the food is inside your stomach already, it does the job before you even eat the food.

            I don't think people should go overboard with the products, however. I recently learned the calcium carbonate has a tendency to cause constipation!

            I applaud the owner of this message board and I will spread the word about it to my ENT doc and my Pulmonologist (who had never heard of the Tamer products until I gave her a packet).


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              The key active ingredient is a potassium-based strong alkalizer that is combined with a calcium-based weak alkalizer that alkalizes the acid in foods and drinks before you consume them.

              It is always best to use any product according to the lable instructions but to date there have been no reports of constipation being a problem.

              I use pH Choice shaker and sometimes the Coffee Tamer Packets on ketchup all of the time. We recently took a ride on the wild side and ordered a pizza at a local resturant. For several years now the only pizza I have had has been made by my wife and very much on the non spicy side. However, by using the Coffee Tamer on the resturant pizza, I had zero problems.

              It is not a cure but it sure makes life more enjoyable.

              Update: pH Choice is no longer available. Coffee Tamer 1.2oz Shaker Bottle has replaced it.


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                How much Tamer for a piece of pizza?

                I just found out about Coffee Tamer. How does one use it on foods? Can one really eat catsup again? What about tomato sauce or juice? Those really bother me. I haven't had any tomatoes for years and get so hungry for them.

                Also, does it dissolve well in cold drinks?



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                  Hi Madge,

                  Each person is different but, if it is the acid in the foods and drinks that bother you, Coffee Tamer can help. Many also find that mixing three to four packets of Coffee Tamer and mixing it in about an inch of water will stop heartburn real quick.

                  Coffee Tamer binds acid in any food or drink that is acidic without changing the taste.

                  You may find that not 100% of the Coffee Tamer granules will totally dissolve in cold liquids however, it is still binding the acid.