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  • Oatmeal

    I have LPR

    Oatmeal seems to cause reflux for me. It seems to be one of the few foods that does. I can eat just about anything and it won't give me reflux, but oatmeal does.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I am a breakfast eater as well Kevin. When my symptoms were at their worst, I found that maple syrup on my pancakes caused me the most problems, and I figured it was the intense sugar/maple/whatever. I also eat plain oatmeal for breakfast, usually with honey on it. I found that it did give me some symptoms, but in the moderate range, much more moderate than maple syrup. When I was bad off, I also had problem with bread. I quit eating toast with breakfast. Now I'm ok with oatmeal and bread. I also noted severe symptoms brought on from too many blueberries and overdoing it with certain fruits. I've just re-embarked on eating blueberries again today after a hiatus, and a little something from the blueberries, but not much like before. I think I've tended to perceive problem foods as sort of falling in the grain area (bread/oatmeal) and the more problematic as falling in the simple sugar category (fruits/sweets/syrups), and then the really severe in the liquid category (coffee/beer/sometimes water).


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      I use to eat oatmeal made with milk for breakfast every day for years. Eventually my LPR got so bad even meds weren't helping. I was desperate and decided to try low carb. Once I stopped the oatmeal and milk my LPR went away. That was almost 2 years ago.

      I'm not saying that will work for everyone. In fact I was one of those that dismissed all the "silly" cures. I think the majority of people eventually find or stumble across something that helps them. Of course this can be attributed to the individual inconsistencies and the waxing and waning of GERD/LPR...but if it works...grab on to it and don't let it go.


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        Hey daw,
        Do you know if it was the oatmeal or the milk? If it was the oatmeal, are you gluten intolerant or is oatmeal the only culprit? That's very interesting.


        Mark, I'm noticing that water seems to be a culprit for me, which seems ridiculous but you mentioned that you sometimes have that. Does anyone have any thoughts on why water would be an issue??


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          Hi NYer,
          I know I am not gluten intolerant. In fact I still eat bread and pasta as long as it's low carb type. I do have a slight Lactose intolerance but the only symptom I get is flatulence. So going to soy milk worked out well for me.

          After I cut out high carbs and I felt better....I started a probiotic type yogurt for constipation and that bothered my throat. So for all I know I had some kind of allergy/sensitivity. Now that my throat area is healed (ENT said it looked good) I can eat things that bothered me in the past as long as I don't over do it. Also my last endoscopy a year ago showed no inflammation. I still take meds but I have the GI and ENT baffled.

          And I'm also on Prozac for ocd. The relief from the whole anxiety vicious circle is wonderful and I can get past myself. knock on the computer table.


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            Wow, daw. I'm really happy for you that you were not only able to figure out which foods bothered you but that by cutting them out, you were able to get so much better!