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  • Endocinch

    Hi Moqueur,

    Checking to see how you're doing lately. I haven't seen any recent post and was just checking on you.

    Reading your post motivates and gives hope that maybe one day we will be normal again. We sure would like to hear from you.

    Take Care

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    Hi Reggie,
    Thanks for remembering me. I am well, in fact I"m on vacation
    here in North Carolina currently. Have recently posted an update
    in the "Heartburn and Gasteo Reflux Disease" forum in the Endocinch section.



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      Hi Moqueur im hoping you still remember me, its been a long time and again i lost your email address, quick recap, pearl, live in northern ireland, been suffering gerd past 15 years, have had open nissan surgery, cant take any antacids like urself, alergic to em all, been waiting on the endocinch now for over 1/12. so seems my long wait is nearly over. on 2 hospital waiting lists, went to hospital appoinment yesterday seen a doc there, and he took out his dairy and low and behold after all this time im gonna have the opp either 4th june or sometime in august. so lol i've been to london, professor swain retired before i could have the opp, been to dewsburry in england, on their waiting list lol keeping my options open, went to ulster hospital yesterday, and nice dr tham just opens his dairy and pencils me in.

      im so glad that the endocinch has turned out so well for you, i remember full well how you were before the opp, im just hoping mine goes the same way, i don't care about a sore throat, its always red and sore anyway, still on my half milk half water drink diet and my bread and butter, lol still all im able to eat, but hopefully not for much longer, doc told me to go home and stock up my larder. yay!!! at long last my wait is finally over. k i don't know if you can get my email address again but i left it in the edit thing , not sure how this site works now, but if you can let me know i would luv to keep in touch..