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I woukd like Info on anyone who had the endochinch

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    This Is For Anyone Who Is Looking Into The Endo Plicator Procedure Ii Was Operated On Over 3 Weeks Ago And What A Disaster It Has Been For Me...I Was So Sick 1 Day After And Knew Something Was Drastically Wrong...I now Have Gastroparesis And Dyshpagia [ I Can No Longer Swallow Pills]..I Wasn't Aware That There Was A Risk Of Gastroparesis Or I Would Have Run The Other Way...well Too Late Now For Me...I Should Have Done My Homework Much Better And Didn''t...Is There Anyone Else Who Has Had Surgery And has had major complications? I Would Love To Hear From You.

    Thanks Cindy


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      Post Plicator problems!

      Do hope you have had some improvement since your posting.
      I have had excellent results with the Endocinch procedure, which has pretty
      much taken care of my Gerd problem. However none of these including the Nissen are cures and don't last. On my last exam it showed that the plications
      are becoming loose. So I'm am considering a redo of the Endocinch or perhaps
      the Plicator before a full blown case of Gerd returns. For the Plicator I was told
      that this is a much more involved procedure as compared to the Endocinch, one difference is it creates a "Full Plication" the Endocinch is achieved by placing three-four plications. As a result there is much more swelling and a longer recovery time. The recommended diet is pretty much the same as Post Nissen.
      Have you had a follow up Endoscopic Exam? The Plication can easily be undone
      if it causes more problems than helps. You may want to invesigate that opition.
      Wishing You All The Best,


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        Cindy, questions

        I sincerely hope this post finds you doing much better.

        I read on one of your earlier post that you had stated that you were having problems with swallowing prior to the procedure and that you also had a normal emptying test prior to the procedure.
        ("I recently am having troubling with what feels like food getting stuck in my throat, right around my adams apple, .My pills too are taking so long to go down.. I hope this is not an indication of a motility disorder. I am due to have a new procedure done to fix the reflux and any motility problem could cause a problem with the procedure")
        Has the procedure made your swallowing more difficult and did you have a swallowing test (Manometry) before the procedure? How was it determined you now have gastroparisis?

        Thanks so much