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  • Endocinch op

    hi im finally getting my Endocinch op on the 4th June. i'll keep you all posted as to how i get on and how it all turns out, please keep everything crossed that this op works for me.

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    Endocinch in the UK

    Hi Pearl,

    I remember reading your posts ages ago when you said you were trying to get the endocinch procedure done in the UK, sorry to hear it's taken you so long, but glad to hear you are finally getting it soon. I hope it all goes well :-)

    Do you know whether the Endocinch is being done regularly in the UK now ? Also do you know whether it's available privately as well as on the NHS ? Do you know what it costs to have it done privately ?

    I'm currently living in Australia but am from England - the procedure is not available here yet so I'm considering have it done when I come home for a holiday. I was wondering if there 's a particular hospital or doctor in the UK that has been doing the procedure for a long time or who would be most recommeded ?



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      hi mel, well when i was going to see profesor swain in london i was goin to go semi private that was just paying for the little sowing machine part, and that was £800 , as far as being done regularly im not sure, i'm still on a waiting list in dewsburry as well, im just keeping my options open, and not burning any bridges untill i get this op done. i'll gladly give you the contact number of the hospital in dewsburry, very nice doctors there.
      i'll keep you posted as to how it all goes, fingers crossed it goes well, i really need it to work.