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  • Dr. Raijam - Houston

    I have tried to find a web site for Texas Medical Center in Houston so I could get his number. I found the site but they don't list or give out any doctors names. I am very interested in the endocinch instead of the fundo. Does anyone have a contact site or number for him. I guess I can just call Texas Medical Center and ask.


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    Try this




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      R. Raijam wasn't on that list. Can't find his name on the web. Anybody know where his office is. Is he still in Texas?



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        He is on it about 2/3 way down, left column.

        Park Plaza Medical Ctr.
        Dr. Isacc Raijman
        1200 Binz Street
        Suite 480
        Houston, TX USA 77030

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          To those of you asking for feedback about the endocinch, stretta, and polymere implant...I asked my doctor last week about these procedures and he told me none of them are working for any length of time and he has stopped performing them. The Fundo is the only surgery that will help long-term, but it also has its side effects. However, I am sure there are doctors still performing these procedures if you feel compelled to have one done. I had the endocinch when it first came out and it lasted about two weeks. So it looks like its back to the drawing board for researchers.


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            A question regarding the post by Kathy T

            Hi Kathy. As you are in Texas, I was wondering if you have seen Dr. Raijman. I spoke with him after reading the posts by Moquer here on this board, and I was actually very, very encouraged by what he had to say.

            I wish you the best. b


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              Buffy What number do you have for D. Raijam?

              I called the number Vee put up for him (thank you Vee) but this was a different doctor and they only had a recording. I ask them to call me to see if Dr. Raijam was at this number or if they knew his number but no one ever called me back.

              When you talked to Dr. Raijam did he say he is still doing the endocinch. Would he see you?

              Thanks for any info?



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                Dr. Raijman is not my gastroenterologist. Perhaps others have been helped by these procedures, however, I haven't heard of anyone on this board who has had success.


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                  Phone number for Dr. Raijman

                  Hi Lynn.

                  I spoke to Dr. Raijman about a year ago. Although I had a lot of questions to ask him, he did not want to charge me for the half-hour phone call. At that time, he had done a couple of hundred endocinch procedures. I do recall that he said there was a small percentage of patients that had to go back and be resutured about three months after their first endocinch. He told me that the endocinch worked as well as the fundo, but was a much safer procedure to do. This procedure is in its infancy, so he really could not say how long it would last. He did say that it gradually lets loose, perhaps about ten percent after the first year, then another ten percent after the second, and so on. Should it fail altogether, you can have a repeat endocinch, or a Hill repair, or a fundoplication. In a year, I am sure a lot has changed with this new procedure, so please be sure to pass along any new information that you may uncover.
                  Dr. Raijmans phone number is, or should I say was, 713-795-5254.

                  You may also want to look for all of the posts by Moquer, or even better, ask Hawk for Moquers e-mail address.

                  Good Luck and let us know what you find out!!

                  (Sorry for the typos, my apostrophes arenèt working for some reason). b


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                    I was told by 2 GI i saw that Endocinch if it work it last up 6 month and both told me stopped doing it