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  • Question for Moqueur

    Hi, I am new to the board, but not to reading all the good info you guys give.
    I have been reading for about two years now, finally decided to sign up. I think I am posting correctly.

    I have a question for Moqueur. I wanted to know how your Endo is holding up.

    I have been to see Dr. Raijman for the Endo but he has recommended the Enteryx procedure instead. I found his name on the board while reading your post and contacted him.
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    Go for enthrex

    THere is A gerd conforence at the gastrology dept in chicago from may/16-may/20th .my GI allowed me to attend and ishall keep y guys updated .
    during my visit back home overseas i attended 18 cases for enthyrex and i saw the preceedure life on 2 gerd patient almost 16 patient are GERD free well my case is different thou iam not a DR , why not go for enthyrex


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      Good question

      I don't know, maybe a little frightened of the unknown. I just wanted to know how the endo holds up over a long period of time by someone who has had it done and has first hand knowledge. Plus it is a reversible procedure vs enteryx not being reversible.

      I understand from my discussions with Dr. Raijman that they both basically do the same thing just the enteryx has a more lasting effect per date. They do know it last for over two years. So pretty good results so far.

      I more than likely will have the procedure done that Dr. Raijman recommends. BTW he is an outstanding GI Doctor.


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        From Moqueur!

        Hi Guys,
        It's been a while. Pleased to see the board is still very active.
        For Lelyn yes I continue to be reflux free. My last visit to see Dr. Raijman was
        several weeks past for a scope exam. It showed the plications have loosened somewhat, (one had completly dislodged) however there is no sign of Gerd.
        However have been experienceing severe problems with bloating . Which seems to be a result from the Lap Nissen procedure.
        Just in the last week it has greatly improved as the result of having a chemist
        compound a strong anti gas formula. Which has all but elimated the problem.
        Dr. Raijman thinks I will neeed to redo the Endocinch eventually, so I should think about this prior to once again getting reflux. He did tell me he is recommending the Enteryx for certain patients, not sure what the criteria
        would be. Am currently looking into the "Plicator" procedure which he gave me info on. It is my understanding the Enterxy is a one time only procedure. Would be pleased to answer any questions.


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          Yes, the enteryx is supposed to be a permanent implant, it cannot be reversed.

          I also don't know why one procedure, is chosen for one individual over the other, that is a good thought though. I may have to find the answer to that.

          I do have a question. I think I am correct in remembering that you had some throat problems as well as hb/chest pain symptoms, prior to Endo. How long did it take for the problems to clear up after the endo? AND can you basically eat and drink what you want now?

          Thanks so much


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            HB/Chest Pain

            Hi Lelyn,
            Yes I had suffered with extreme chest pain, that would last for weeks on end
            with no relief. It was the most amazing result of the endocinch, it cleared up in
            a matter of several days and has not returned. Never could find a clear answer
            on the cause of this pain associated with reflux. For the other question, the recovery is very short. Was eating food in several days with no problem which was also amazing. The ONLY difficulty as I recall was a severe sore throat. Other than that have been symptom free and can eat normally.
            Don't know much of the Enterxy will need to research.



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              Thanks, knowing your procedure worked and has stopped the pain is so nice to hear.

              Have you researched the Plicator? I have read everything I can get my hands on regarding these newer procedures: Plicator, Gatekeeper, Endocinch, Stretta and Enteryx. They all seem so less invasive and easier than the fundo to me, so I will continue to pursue the newer procedures. Hopefully I can have the Enteryx somewhere around the first weeks of May. I can't say I am a big fan of anything being done to my esophagus, but no matter, I think I will have really great results.

              Take care