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  • Plicator Update!

    Greetings All,
    Today is one month since having undergone the Plicator procedure. It is a very
    very easy procedure and can take (with the new equipment being used) sometimes just fifteen to twenty minutes. Mine took about thirty. Post procedure, slight sore throat lasted one day, liquid diet for twenty four hours,
    no swallowing problems what so ever. Since the throat is not involved this is not likely. Have no reflux and am back to a normal diet. Which I am very happy for.
    Had great success two and a half years ago with the Endocinch. To bad it doesn't last longer both of these are a much better opition than the Nissen. However spoke with someone recently whose endocinch is over four years and still holding. The only negative so far, my stomach muscles ache a bit if I lift anything more than about five pounds. Was instructed not to lift for about two month to allow the sutures to heal together. After two nissens and one Endocinch would say this is the easiest of all. Hope this gives a bit of first hand info on this one.

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    2 nissens?

    Hi moquer!

    Did I read correctly that you had two Nissens? Did they fail and were reversed? Did you have the Endocinch after the two Nissens?

    I am glad to hear that the plicator is working and your life is back to "normal." I am hoping they perfect this and people like me can have this option even with Barrett's. I am not sure why they won't do these with Barrett's because the goal seems to be the same for all of us - stop the reflux and strengthen the LES to do so.

    Thanks for the update and keep them coming! Let's hope for years of success and advancements on these types of procedures.



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      Hi Moqueur. Thank you for the update ... everything sounds as if it going so well!! Please check in again in a few months time and let us know how you are progressing. Was this part of a clinical trial or just something you decided to do on your own? Will they monitor your reflux expisodes? Thanks for your input - it is greatly appreciated! By the way, who did your proceedure and was he recommended by your GI? And, just out of curiosity, is this proceedure reversible (like, presumably, the Gatekeeper)?


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        Moqueur -- A success. Hooray!!!! Thank you so much for keeping in touch with everyone. Could you tell us the name of your doc, how long it took to get in to see him, the cost?? Very nosey, I know, but very useful information.

        Thanks. b


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          excellent questions buffy! i also would love to know those things. thanks again moqueur.


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            Hi Moqueur. As I watch the terrible images on television my heart goes out to you and your city. I hope you and your family have evacuated and are ok.


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              Hi Miss J,
              Thank you for thinking of us. We did evacuate the evening prior to land fall.
              Am now in the mountains of Western North Carolina, don't know when we will
              be allowed to return. I was on the other side of the river and could not make it back home so I left with the clothes on my back and not much more.
              Am very conerned for those I know stayed. Have located several in various parts of the country.



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                Hi Moqueur,

                We were worried about you and your family.

                I am sorry for your hardship but am very glad that you are all ok.

                Hopfully you will be able to return home very soon.



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                  Well and out of NOLA!

                  Hi Hawk
                  Thank you for your kindness and concern. We are actually very well.
                  Almost always have a laptop along, which was not the case this time.
                  So today made it over to Asheville and picked one up, also hooked up a Satellite dish so we could catch up on the latest news from NOLA.



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                    Hi Moqueur. Great to hear you and your family are ok! Hopefully you will be allowed to return home soon. How is your GERD doing under the stress?