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    Hi Moqueur,

    Glad to hear you are okay after the terrible situation at home. My name is Dave, I frequent the Nissen Fundoplication board next store quite regularily and post on my situation and receive great feedback from others who have had the operation. I just happened to check out this section and was very interested in hearing more about your story. Like you I had a Nissen, mine this past January. It was a bad mistake as I found out later (by viewing my own PH test results) that I didn't have bad reflux at all, in fact I scored totally normal on the test. What I did have, and still do have is a burping/bloating issue where I burp an insane amount after eating and drinking. After taking Losec for years with now help for the burping a surgeon highly recommended the Nissen as a quick cure for the burping with no side effects. The results were terrible (long story) and I had to have the Nissen basically reversed this past March. The wrap was cut open, but I still have a partial 180% posterior wrap (behind the esophagus) because the surgeon couldn't take out one stich because it was covered by scar tissue and he didn't want to risk injury to my vagus nerve.

    Anyhow, by reading your posts I understand you have had the Nissen twice and now you have the Plicator. My question is did you have the Nissen reversed? , twice possibly? If so what was the reason and did you recover okay after those reversals? Do you have any bad , new symptoms from the multilple Nissen like stomach and bowel issues or have you recovered in that regard after time?

    If this is what happened to you we have experienced similar, unfortunate problems with this surgery. I also assume it didn't work to cure your symptoms. Please reply back when you get a chance and hopefully we can share our experiences.

    Thanks and hope you are well