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EndoCinch for Atypical Reflux?

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  • EndoCinch for Atypical Reflux?

    Hello. I am a singer and have been suffering from LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) over the past few years. It has recently worsened to the point where it is affecting my career. I have tried PPIs on to achieve minimal success. To fix my LPR, I am considering having an EndoCinch procedure. Does anybody know if this even has a remote chance at working?

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    If you do a search on endocinch you will find much info. it seemed that while the proceedure helped many initially, the stitched didn't hold for the long term. this is just what i have gleaned from many posts and google searches, not from personal experience.


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      That's scary

      Thanks for your response missJ. I find it quite frightening that the stitch could possible fail over the long term. It makes the procedure quite pointless.


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        My GI trained in it, but never performed the procedure once as he said all the findings coming back were that it was a very short term fix.

        I know some-one at work who had it done as well and after about a year all his symptoms returned.

        At the moment the only reasonably reliable procedure appears to be the fundo.


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          bbloom- What does your dr say about having fundo? I had lap Nissen

          The worst part for me was the hospital stay- my poor roomie was being sick all the time moaning and calling out to me for help.

          BTW was not a bad pain either----on day 3 I went off pain pills and took only Tylenol for discomfort. The incisions were closed with something like butterfly bandaids. I am not kidding you- I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it


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            with everything i read,it seems as though the nissen operation only lasts about 2 years also.what a delema we are all put into thinking which operation
            to do b/c medications are not working or b/c of side effects,what to do??
            wish there was a magic formula..


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              2 years is bogus!!!!!

              I don't know where you got that 2 year figure, but it's bogus. You will find a few people that have trouble with their wraps and need repair, but the nissen is 90% successful and they last MUCH longer than 2 years. There are several on this board that have had the surgery ....mine is 4 years and going strong.


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                just going with what others have said, and also what my gastro dr told me.
                plus have talked with people that have had the wrap and thats when they started having symptoms again,maybe you are one of the lucky ones,glad to hear that,one less sufferer is great news.