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    Did they speculate on how long this procedure could or would last? Hopefully for years....

    Has the doctor given you any reasons for the pain etc...?


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      dr said its the muscle pulling over the nerve. also-a funny feelung in the throat off and on since the procedure. wonder if its also a nerve issue. what hell...


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        Long term?

        Hi Lelyn,
        The Dr. who performed mine is involved in a Long term study to determine
        the long term outlook. After my Nissen failed to control the acid, had the
        Endocinch which lasted about a year. So the plicator is the Third one I have tried to control reflux. It is by far the easiest of all.
        Sure do hope it will last, don't think I could tolerate reflux anymore.
        Every three months I"m contacted via phone for a progress report then I" m mailed a form of questions as part of the study. If I experience any reflux I have agreed to go in for a closer look. Not sure if this procedure can be repeated like the Endocinch. When I think of it do believe have improved
        even more nin the last three or four months, so perhaps it does take time
        for the full benefit.



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          Do you know if the doctor has seen this before? The pain in the chest and funny feeling in the throat after the procedure is done. He should be able to tell you by past experiences with other patients.

          It always takes time to get over any kind of procedure and everyone’s body is different. I am sure you are swollen and irritated in the area that was plicated right now and once that starts to subside you will know more of what this procedure has done for you.

          Going back to what Trisha touched upon. You may need to try other methods for the slow stomach emptying. Plication does not make your food move faster in your stomach and slow emptying can make reflux worse. With the right treatment you could see a huge help in symptom relief.

          I really hope you are doing better. Please keep us posted.



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            Did you start having reflux problems again before you had the plicator?

            You sure have been through a lot. It is great that you have the guts to try these new procedures.

            Thank you for keeping us in the loop on your progress.