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    Hello! I usually write on the LPR board. I have had LPR for the past three years, symptoms are constant throat clearing, sinusitis, and feeling of something stuck in throat. I never get heartburn symptoms. I have been very much interested in learning more about Plicator procedure. I don't know however, if Plicator is a good option for LPR patients. Did you have any LPR symptoms at all? Do you know in general how patients with LPR with Plicator? Because I know with fundo the success rate is a bit lower than patients with classic heartburn symptoms.
    Thanks so much for sharing info with us

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    Just an FYI I think Moqueur lives in the New Orlean area. I don't think i have seen a post from that user since Katrina--hope everything is OK!!!!


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      Moqueur has recently posted under the thread "Just Had Plicator-Need help"



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        this sounds like a very promising procedure ![url][/url]

        it can be done under an endoscope which makes it even better. around 70 percent of people who have this procedure done have been able to completely eliminate PPI use. a further 10 percent have dramatically reduced PPI use.

        that makes it far better than both the entyrx, stretta and endoclich procedure.

        we are now waiting for some more long term results to see how good it is in comparison to the fundo (over a 2 year period, both procedures have extremely high sucess rates)


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          I researched data for this and even the Mayo clinic won't do them - too little positive data. I had a Stretta done at Mayo. So, until Mayo says they're O.K., I'll pass.... The data is mostly med company driven - see the Plicator failures on this site - most recently poor Art3

          Sanchez, have you had one??