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My Doctor Says I Qualify For A Plicator

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  • My Doctor Says I Qualify For A Plicator


    The results of the endoscopy today showed that I qualify for the plicator. There is a seven year study being performed in my state on it, and the doctor said I could always have the Fundo if it is not succesful. Any tips from someone who has had it would be appreciated.


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    Julie...What you stated does not make you know what barretts esophagus is??? Untreated GERD can lead to barretts esophagus, which in turn, may , in some cases, turn into esophageal cancer.


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      That was a complete mistake in my first posting. I meant to say that the doctor said that I could have the Fundo if the Plicator is not successful and have since edited the post. Sorry for the confusion!


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        Where you plain on having the Plicator done?


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          Julie -- you may want to ask your doc who the surgeon is that can do a fundo after a plication.......then speak with that surgeon, just to be sure.

          Also, how many times have any of your doctor's plication patients had to revert to a fundo?

          Can you tell me what he says the success rate of the plication is.....and who he suggests you have perform the plication. Last question (promise), did he tell you how tight they do the plication, and if it could be undone should there be a problem.

          Thanks lovie. b


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            Good questions!

            I had to copy Buffy's message into this one, so that I could be sure to answer all of the questions- LOL I am so glad that she asked me them, because they are great questions to ask the doctor. If any one thinks of other ones I should ask when I go back in two weeks, let me know.

            Anyway, in answer to your questions, the doctor said that the plicator can be removed if it doesn't work, but he has had a high success rate. I have no idea how many of the patients have had to revert to a Fundo- good question!

            I live in Indianapolis, and he is the doctor that will do it. He was nice and said that he would let me talk to some of his patients who have had it done, but obviously, due to HIPPO (is that the right term?) laws, he was to check with them first.

            I have no idea how tight he does the plicator- another good question!

            First, the doctor wants to treat the bacteria that he found in my esophagous. Then, we will talk about the plication. Of course, due to the great drugs given for the endoscopy, I remember none of this conversation.

            I am going ahead and talking to the doctor who does the Fundo next week, to see if I qualify for it. Then, I'll be able to compare my options. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

            Thanks for listening!


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              Yeah Buffy came through with Great questions im in the Chicago area,the Plicator was on the news here on abc Chicago.They said it showed promise etc,showed a woman off medications etc.Than i seen the horror story here of somebody that had it..Keep us updated..


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                Horror Story? Do tell more

                So, what was the horror story about? Someone got the plicator and didn't have success with it? I am anxious to hear all sides of it, so please tell me even the bad things that you hear.



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                  Originally posted by juliesvoyage
                  So, what was the horror story about? Someone got the plicator and didn't have success with it? I am anxious to hear all sides of it, so please tell me even the bad things that you hear.


                  Hi Julie The plicator is really still considered experiemental at this time. Everyone is waiting for more studies and feedback from patients . Hopefully things will pan out.

                  There have been 3 people with bad results that we have seen

                  Art..... click on his name to read all of his posts [url][/url]

                  Cindy [url][/url]

                  and this girl from the Johns Hopkins hospital message board I can't post a direct link , you can copy and paste it if you want to go to the site

                  It says this

                  From Ann ..... I am looking for anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area that has been involved in the controlled clinical trial of the NDO Endoscopic Plication System who may have had this procedure done for the treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. I am having numerious, horrendious health problems due to this device. The device has been attempted to be taken out with no luck at this time. I have been advised that the removal would subject me to become a 'gastric cripple'. A Laparscopic Nissen Fundoplication has been done over top of the NDO Endoscopic Plication System. I am looking to possibly talk to anyone that has had any complications like myself. At this point I just want to feel healthy again. Also I would like to have the 'Plication' removed safely..???

                  And we have one poster Moquer who has had excellent results and is very happy



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                    that story from ann sure is a scarey one,makes you wonder about the procedure and if could happen again.

                    stay well


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                      As buffy pointed out there have been some scary news coming from the many has the Dr, done,and this is still very early well new Surgery so the Jury is far as it being bad I wouldnt say that it's FDA approved,and im sure lots have had sucess with it,that dont post here there doing fine,same with the Nissen.Than again you see that people have had trouble it makes you looking into this procedure also,as the stretta seems like horrible procedure..Nissen last shot...?
                      Good Luck