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My Plicator Update!

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  • My Plicator Update!

    Greetings All!
    It's been a while so thought I"d check in and update a bit.
    Have had great results to date from the Plicator procedure, which has been several years past. The past year or so I haven't kept informed on any new
    developments with the Plicator. (did see more insurance companies are offering coverage) I have read with interest the postings of Shayward and Julien , do hope this new one with be able to help many more patients, once it moves out of the trials.
    Would be pleased to reply to any questions.


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    Thanks for the update. Can you tell me a little about the procedure? I recall a doctor telling me about it along with the Stretta procedure. He recommended the Stretta at the time because he never performed the plicator on a human. I went with the Stretta and I think I'm worse than I was before. I'm now noticing what appears to be LPR. I don't recall having those symptoms before. Thanks again.



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      Update Info!

      Hi Mark,
      If you search past postings you can read about my journey with this terible problem we face. Have had two Nissen Fundo procedures and also the "Endocinch" which lasted about a year. Am pleased to report have had a major improvement since the Plicator. The only problem is bloating (which is managementable) this is a result of the two Fundo peocedures.
      As for the Plicator procedure, was by far the easiest one. Was eating normal
      food with in 24 hrs. The Dr. placed two stitches (most receive one) this was a result of my past Nissen operations (it changes your atonomy).
      Sorry to hear of the problem you are having since the Stretta.



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        my questions

        Hello Moqueur

        tank you for proposing to answer our questions, as your case brings very valuable data.

        My questions :

        -When you tell about the bloating post-nissen (your past posts), was it something constant, or that you only felt at mealtime?
        -How is it now?
        -Do you feel it impedes your breathing and keeps you away from sports by force, or is it felt to a lesser degree, mostly a gastro-intestinal symptom, with no other consequence?

        Looking forward to your answers



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          Nissen Bloating!

          Hi Julien,
          The bloating problem would occure after meals, one-two hours.
          At the time the main sympthon was a very very sharp pain in the chest (Ice pick like) which would last for days-weeks. This cleared 100% following the
          Endicinch procedure. It also impoved the reflux a great amount. (it just did't last long) Now would say the bloating is under control and is just a slight problem. As for the breathing difficulity I always thought that was a side effect of ppi meds. To control the bloating, have had success by taking a large amoung of probiotics for about a year. Had to try 10-15 different ones.
          Some would cause stomach pains. Now just take one every other day.
          Also take one tablet three to five times a week of a product called "Gas Prevention Therapy" and some times will use Gas X or tums.
          I do also find that diet (in my case anyway) has a major cause. By avoiding all wheat products and dairy, except frozed yogurt on occasion, I now live reflux and bloating free. The "Plicator" has completly elimated my reflux.
          I am still in the study group. Also have no restrications on excercise.
          Hope I covered all the issues, if not let me know, if if there are others.



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            hi moqueur. it is great to hear the plicator is still working for you. may i ask who performed your proceedure? also, do you feel this was helpful because you had it in addition to the nissen; does your dr. say it is effective for people as a stand-alone proceedure? thanks.


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              Plicator post Nissen!

              Hi Miss J,
              I traveled to Macon Ga. for the procedure. At the time was told that the Dr. there Dr. Sedghi had performed the greatest amount. Also was told it is a bit more difficult after one has had a nissen due to the fact that your anatomy is changed which makes it difficult to locate the correct area to place the stitches. Not certain if having had the Nissen is helpful or not.
              I tend to think it isn't due to the bloating it causes and also it was not helping
              the reflux. Recently I was told that the cause of Gas and Bloating post Fundo is a result of the top part of the stomach which is wraped and stitched
              having gas traped (which rises from the lower stomach) and no outlet for escape, it tends to build up in the part of the upper stomach which is no longer able to digest food., but is still creating acid which no food to act as a buffer. Was wondering what others think of this.



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                4 more questions...

                Hello Moqueur

                I would like to know 3 things (but I don't know if you have these infos) :

                -Do you know if, on your second Nissen, the surgeon did a long valve? If the post-surgery report mentions "3 vertical stitches", it's the regular one.

                -Do you know if he anchored it to the diaphragm pillars? (Always done on a Toupet, but not always on a Nissen).

                -most importantly :
                I supppose the plicator stitches were placed below the wrap, and that the last wrap is still in place; Am I right?
                So this being said, where are those 2 plicator stitches horizontally? side by side, one to the front, one towards the spleen?
                Or one to the front, one to the back (risky to do, but promising once in place!)

                and :

                -are you back to climbing, and this without problems?

                The last 2 questions are the ones I care the most for, if you don't have much time to look into your Nissen surgery accounts...




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                  Julien's Questions!

                  Hello Julien

                  Not sure about the first two questions. I"m spending the next few weeks here in Western North Carolina therefore have no access to those reports.

                  The one concerning location of the Plicator stitches was the same question I had post procedure. Was told that the valve opening was very wide, so I assume this indicates the second wrap was no longer in place or at least was not helping much. The stitches, (keep in mind are being placed from the inside of the stomach, that is looking back up toward the throat) were placed
                  at the very opening right at the stomach to close the valve tighter. They were placed side by side, as if stitching a torn garment (from what I understand).
                  Have done some rapelling since being here and just returned from a three night
                  backpacking trip with no problem. The one issue since I am on a restrictive diet, bringing the right food is a challenge, at which I didn't fair so well.

                  Hope this is of some valve and as always would be pleased to give more detail.



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                    Hi Moquer. Hope you are having a nice vacation. What kind of a restrictive diet are you on and is it related to the GERD? Thanks.