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Three Year Post-Plicator Study

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  • Three Year Post-Plicator Study

    New member Kelleigh has e-mailed us a PDF file containing a copy of a one year post Plicator result study. Anyone wishing a copy please e-mail [email][email protected][/email]. Be sure to put "Plicator Study" in the subject line. File size is about 221K

    Kelleigh's source has indicated that there is a five year study pending that shows similar results.

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    Remenber the Stretta and Enteryx?

    Hawk.....The Plicator proceedure does sound promising, but, I seem to remember similar "success" studies for the Stretta and Enteryx proceedures. Both have been pulled form the market. Until a proceedure has been around for 5-10 years, there is no telling what the long term side effects will be. I guess that is why the Nissen proceedure is still considered the 'gold standard' since it has been around for 25+ years. The side effects are well documented and with more surgeons doing the proceedure, newer, more successful techniques are being developed. I guess since my surgery was so successful I'm partial to the Nissen....6th anniversary in March.


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      Of all the endoscopic procedures, this one is looking the best and now has approval through Medicare/Medicaid insurance. It's even being done at Mayo. But yeah, long term, who knows? Stretta and Enteryx never did look great to me, but Stretta ran out of money, and I suppose the Enteryx didn't work as well as they thought, course, neither did the Stretta. People who are suffering like so many on this site, will almost try anything to stop the agony. Nevertheless, one must use caution.


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        I don't know, a 57 percent success rate would feel like a crap shoot to me. Also what scares me about the plicator is they say it's reversible but i've seen 2 people on the web try and have it removed and the doctors said they couldn't/ wouldn't . One poster on here had it removed though.

        The 2 stitch plicator ( improved version ) is in trials now in Germany . Waiting to see those results published , i heard that initial results look promising. Guess we'll have to wait and see


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          Yeah, it's always the wait and see isn't it. My old GI doc actually told me about 3 or 4 years ago that there'd be an endoscope cure in 3 to 5 years. I'm still waiting. Wouldn't it be lovely! What they want to consider it viable is more than 80% having perfect results. Unfortunately the decade or more it takes to see if it works perfectly for long term will be too long of a wait for many folks.


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            Originally posted by Tricia View Post
            The 2 stitch plicator ( improved version ) is in trials now in Germany . Waiting to see those results published , i heard that initial results look promising.
            Hi Tricia,
            Can you point me to any recent articles on the 2 stitch? Thanks, daw


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              Hi Daw Have been looking . I know i read about a couple of 2 stitch studies going on in Europe .... one that finished in December., and one still going on. think it was a Karger publishing article you have to pay for . You could probably get that one free with your connections. I'll keep looking, i really should start saving these things, but i wasn't that interested because it's a procedure i wouldn't consider personally any time soon.

              Also on if you go to expert interviews there is a doctor breifly talking about the new things going on with the plicator . Apparantly they are doing gastric resections with it and developing a weight loss procedure . He also mentions data starting to come out in Germany suggesting the 2 stitch may be more effective. The interview was 6 months old, so i don't know if that study is over or not . ( it's free to register on that site and they have some interesting lectures ) I noticed Moquor had a two stich ... Will keep looking , what often happens is i stumble on these things by accident, when searching for something else


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                2 stitch plicator

                Hi from Mark2,

                I had the TWO stitch plicator procedure on Thursday, Jan. 24, at Emory University, Crawford Long Hospital.

                It is Monday now, and I still have to be on a liquid diet, and the mid sternum pain sometimes literally takes my breath away. Hopefully, the long term will be better!



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                  How are you doing Mark??


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                    Well, it is November 2008. The Plicator from NDO surgical which I had performed in January of 2008 seemed to work well for about eight months. The heartburn returned and the nighttime coughing. Having a BRAVO test done right now, Nov. 19. I heard the Plicator is no longer being made.
                    So, I guess back to the Nexium!