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Unable to sit after Esophyx

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  • Unable to sit after Esophyx

    I had an Esophyx procedure done in Dec 2007. It's been about 7 months ow. Ever since the Esophyx, I am unable to sit normaly. Every time I sit I will have pain on my abdomen about 1 min later and the pain will continue until I stand up. The pain feels different than the reflux pain. The Esophyx has not been working for me. I am still on Protonix. Any one has the same problem?

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    hi stevenlin,
    sorry to hear about your problem,
    i know what kind of pain that you mean,fortunally i was having the saim pain only the first weeks,i only could feel the fasteners poking inside my tisseu for a very long time.
    if you look in the esophyx section on the update of dutch girl you can find freddie who is having the same problem as you are.
    i hope you will find a solution for it.
    take care.


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      that does sound unusual. i had a bit of pain for up to 6 months after the procedure but have absolutely no associated pain now. i had my procedure done just over a year ago. didn't do anything for my heartburn though