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Plicator still done?

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  • Plicator still done?

    Is the endocinch/ plicator still performed in the U.S.?

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      I asked my GI about the plicator and he stated it's no longer performed in the U.S. He probably said that because his GI group doesn't perform it. I have the LPR version of acid reflux so he's never rescepted me. Most GIs state that acid cannot get passed the upper splincher. I first got treated by an ENT but they cannot perform and endoscopy ,dilation, or pull an ulcer.


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        another forum

        I also read this from another forum about a person who was scheduled to have the plicator performed last February but had to cancel it:

        Re: New procedure for GERD called Plicator


        the company that produced the Plicator has just folded. The Plicator is gone as a result. My doctor will be moving on to the esophyx. He wants to determine it efficacy before offering it widely.....and to assess it's true ability to be followed by a fundo if needed. I am in a holding pattern as a result.


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          Different Companies/ Different Devices

          I sent a message off to Endocinch 3 days ago and just got a reply. Endocinch (owned by Davol) makes a device (the endocinch) that makes plications in the lower esophagus. They are still in business.

          NDO Surgical also made a device (the plicator) that makes plications. They went bankrupt and the tool is no longer used.

          I was confused thinking that the endocinch/ plicator was the same device

          I have a list of the sugeons that perform the endocinch in Boston. I'm seeing my PCP tomorrow and will ask for a referral.


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            NDO Plicator

            My doc told me that NDO surgical was bought by another company and they have not relaunched the Plicator. I had it done to me in January 2008. It is now November of 2008.
            The results have been mixed to say the least. For a few months, seemed all well, no need for the Nexium. But, about October, it has flared again.
            Surgeon told me the stitches may be loose.

            O well!