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Anyone have the Endocinch performed?

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  • Anyone have the Endocinch performed?

    For several weeks I've read about the several different non surgical procedures performed on GERD patients.

    It looks like Endocinch and Esophyx are the only 2 non surgical procedures that are still perfomred in the U.S.?

    Aftering reading about the esophyx procedure on this forum it seems too risking and needs more time.

    As anyone had the Endocinch perfomred?

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    I have an appointed next month with a GI in a Boston hospital. This GI department performs just about every surgery. They perform endocinch, esophyx, and the fundoplications.

    Since nobody replied to this I guess no heartburnhelp member has ever had the endocinch performed.


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      hi jholley. if memory serves the big complaint with the endocinch was its longevity factor - or lack thereof. please keep us posted with your progress. good luck with your appointment.


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        Hi missJ,

        Are you saying the endocinch doesn't seem to last long? If so it sounds like the stiches in the LES don't hold that well. One thing I admired about the endocinch is they state it can help fix a mild hiatal hernia, which is exactly what I have.


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          yes ... people used to write that the stitches didn't last that long ... i don't know the specifics as to why ... try a search perhaps (on the board as well as google) ... but again, as always, everybody is different.