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  • Hereditary?

    I've done some reading up on esophageal problems and there seems to be mixed reviews on whether they are hereditary or not.

    This particular subject interests me because:

    1. Years and years ago (before my time) my great great grandfather died from esophageal cancer.

    2. Almost three years ago my 55 year old cousin died from complications with esophageal cancer.

    3. My son was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the age of 33 and and a reoccurance at the age of 34 just 2 months after surgery. He's been at war with it for 27 months with almost 13 months of that being in remission... after the doctors gave him 6 to 24 months to live.

    4. After a positive hemoccult in December, my doctor ordered a colonoscopy for me. The doctor I went to for that also wanted to do an endoscopy at the same time because I'm a smoker, I've had acid reflux for 10 years, and because of my son's cancer. I had those done today. The colonoscopy came back fine. But the endoscopy showed severe gerd due to the sphincter not working at all.

    Everything I've found on esophageal problems being hereditary includes a lot of "maybe", "possibly", and "not enough studies". Any suggestions where to look?

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    Sounds like you are a candidate for a the nissen surgery. Are you going to be tested to see if you are a good candidate?


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      Going to the doc next week. No too excited about it either!


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        Sorry you're facing these challenges. I wish you and your son much luck.

        I think what you've uncovered about genetic links is current. I do think lifestyle has an affect on some cancers, families have links in that way, without presenting the genes. We already know that smoking and diet have an adverse affect on us, and you may fit that profile. Very glad your doctor made an effort to include an endoscopy for you!


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          Yes, I do fit that profile. I am a smoker and although I tend to take pretty good care of myself these days, I certainly was a wild child back in the day. Did lots of stuff that my body is now repaying me for. My son didn't fit into the profile of folks with esophageal cancer, from his age on down the line. It's a very wicked disease and it chose to visit it's evil upon him... and it's losing.

          My son is doing wonderfully in spite of this nightmare he's been battling! He'll be celebrating his 36th birthday later this month... a day his doctors didn't expect him to live to see. His surgery completely altered his insides but he's learned to deal with that quite well and has even been able to gain all but 15 pounds of his weight back (he was thin before). The one thing that he's having problems with is that the chemo left him sterile and he has no biological children. He was one of the responsible guys that waited until the right person and the right time. It works on him emotionally but he and his wife are dealing with that and she has an amazing 5 year old daughter that my son adores.

          Another member, LSAT, referred me to a list of questions you posted that you asked your doctor. I want to thank you for that. I have no idea what I'm dealing with here and that list and this forum will be a major help in finding out what I'm in for.