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My EsophyX procedure..9 days post-op

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    Hi DTanna

    thanks for your answer. Just one more question ( for now) did your insurance cover the EsophyX procedure? If you had to pay for it out of your pocket how much did it cost you? Thanks for your post



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      I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and it did cover the procedure. I was told that it depends on which CPT codes that the doctor uses when they call to get the EsophyX approved by the insurance company. Some offices, from what I was told, have older codes that show the procedure as experimental, and it will not be covered by insurance. I was told by 2 offices that there is no problem getting insurance to cover the procedure using updated CPT codes, and it was true in my case. A doctor's office who is on top of things won't have a problem gettin ginsurance to cover it.


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        Hello still around? I just wanted to check in with you, and see how your healing is coming along. I am still having a good bit of chest pain, only on the left side. Its tolerable but very annoying. Everytime that I eat anything it immediately feels like its trying to come right back up. It isn't, but the pressure in my chest starts almost after the first bite. I wanted to know how you are doing with the eating. I may be traveling back to Pittsburgh for a follow up with my surgeon soon. They are trying to get me to go and see them in person. I know that once I am there they are going to want to do a third this see how things look. Also, is your mouth and tongue all better now? I have no acid symptoms anymore, but think I may be suffering from some of that thrush again. I hope you are doing as well as seemed great and very excited!


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          Hey handsome! I am doing very well.. I don't feel that pressure pain you mentioned.. I doubt yours will stay.. Omg, Tanny, an endoscopy :-S that sounds so invasive.. but oh, guess that will be the ultimate proof that ur valve looks cool! So it's all good! Please keep us updated! My throat is clean, my so, I went to a bacteriologic institute to take a sample of the tongue scrape thingy.. cause when i wake up it's not all clean, but I wash it off... I am waiting for the results, maybe it's from my tonsils even though they look normal to me...? Oh beez.. not that serious, I can deal with it.
          Makes you think you have thrush again.. you have white on your tongue or what is it? (do you have your tonsils?)
          I am so used to this normality that I forgot my life before and all I felt.. Oh, and I eat lots of things I want, like chicken.. even bigger bites went through (I swallowed by mistake before giving a big chew). How are you dealing with solids? Wow, you didn't pay a dime for your operation? heheh Hugs, DTanna!


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            "Wow, you didn't pay a dime for your operation? heheh"

            hi nevermind, i take it from the above quote that you did have to pay out of pocket for the procedure? if you don't mind sharing, approx. what was the cost? thanks.


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              Hey girlie...good to see you're doing well. Yeah, my doctor is basically saying that if I still feel chest pain then he wants to do another scope. I am officially over scopes! I just don't wanna do another one now, so I am going to put it off for a few weeks to see what happens.

              As far as the thrush goes...I am not sure what to think. Here is my problem: as you know, thrush can simply be a symptom of candidiasis which is a big digestive issue. It is also common in people who have taken PPI's for long periods of time since your good and bad bacteria get messed with. I was on them for well over 15 years. As luck would have it, some of the symptoms are the white tongue, heartburn, chest pain, sore throat, hoarseness, abdominal pain, etc. Sound familiar? Very similar to gerd and LPR. I am not having heartburn or regurgitation at all for the first time in a LONG time, so that's good. I am having some deals that are very similar to what I hear LPR is like every morning and evening. I hate to think that may have been what changed in my body back in November when thing started going wrong. I am hoping it is just a digestive issue. I do still have my tonsils..can that have any effect on this stuff?

              As far as food goes, solids still give me an issue for sure. Yesterday I had grilled tuna for lunch, and it immediately felt like I swallowed a bowling ball. Things like that just create a ton of pressure right under my sternum. I think things are still having trouble getting down through the valve easily. Good and bad I guess.

              Well I'm super glad you're doing well. If I can just get through this little thrush/acid scare I'll be all good. I think a simple blood test can diagose it, so I may have that done. You're still enjoying the new acid free dating lifestyle, right!? I hope so! Get out there and have some fun Never!


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                Hey MissJ! The operation here in Romania costed 3750 Euros.. that was the price of the EsophyX device imported here that I had to pay.. the hospitalization was free, I didn't pay the doctors anything It is understandable since here in 'bleah' Romania an ordinary salary is ~400 E. (So for those who wanna get operated and it's too expensive in your country, come here muhaha).

                Sweet Tanna! Did you take probiotic stuff to remake your flora? Like Acidophilus or a whole complex of bacteria? I sometimes take them just because.. they do good no matter what. How old are you? By my calculations you must be at least 35
                The tonsils... food can gather there and rot, this can make the oral cavity not so clean and healthy... I would be very curious to seee.. if I take them out.. would anything change.. hmm
                Yesss, I am so happy and confident and I have the guys at my feet hahaha kidding
                I promise you we will get over this "thrush/acid scare"! Hugs, Tanny!


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                  The happy Nevermind ...your posts always make me laugh. So all the boys are at your feet now, huh!? You're too funny. You should be in an advertisement for the esophyX...get the procedure done and have all the boys in Romania chasing after you ! Speaking of Romania, you keep making fun it. What's the deal? I have never been there, but I have seen pictures and it always looked like a nice place. Maybe I need to check out some different pics.

                  So I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and they did some tests to check for candida overgrowth. Seems strange to say, but I totally hope that I have it and not something gerd or lpr related. I know different people heal in different ways, but you had your procedure like 3 weeks after me and are feeling better. Actually, I was feeling better right after I had it done. Part of me is thinking that most of the chest pain that I am still having is from my valve site being too tight. I'm going to wait a bit longer to see, and then make an appointment for the dang scope if I am not feeling better. Are you having a follow up visit with your surgeon? If so, when does he want you to do it? I have been taking a lot of probiotics the last few weeks, but will check out the items you mentioned for sure. Oh..and your calculations were almost spot on, I'm 36.

                  Keep all the guys at your feet...and keep enjoying your new health


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                    Yeah, sign me in for the commercial! Hmm.. I think Romania is a poor, not-so-clean country and there are many unpolite people. Among my new acquaintances (yey!) is a German who came working here.. when he goes to the store he's charged more cause people see he's foreign and must be rich.. so they try to trick him to pay more.. and he noticed we have many stray dogs here I consider myself unlucky to be born here, but well.. I make the best of it. We have pretty girls here...
                    Oh yes, we have some nice places too, but most.. are.. well.. Tanny! Once I will become independent and live alone you can come visit me with your wife! Heheh.. do you have kids too? You can see where Dracula lives!

                    When I was paranoid I wanted to get a check-up, so I wrote to my doc... he said to call him... BUT, as I felt better, I forgot to do so... I am a bit lazy to go since I feel good :-| The tests for my mouth are ok.. I have no candida, no streptococcus, grr but I would really like to get my tonsils out :-\ Lemme know about ur test results when u get them! Lots of hugs, Tanna! ^_^


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                      Hey there Never. So here's the deal so far...I still have not gotten my test results back for the candida overgrowth deal yet. They were sent away to the lab for testing and I am waiting to hear back. I spoke to my surgeon's office yesterday. Part of the reason I called them was because you are doing better than me at this point, so it is good to know someone else who has had this thing done. Now they definitely want me to come in and see them. Now that I've explained what's going on with me; they think that my procedure may be too tight. Before they were thinking it was from the swelling. Since the swelling is long gone, it can't be that. So that's kinda bad news, but good in a way too. Too tight is an easy fix they said. So it's back to the doctor once again ! I can't wait for this to all be over.

                      I think we need to come visit over there. Cheap doctors, Dracula's pad and pretty girls...sounds perfect . You've got so many amazing places to visit that are so close to you, so it can't be bad. Have you been to the US? If so...where at? If you do, you should visit. We would love to host my esophyX friend! There is plenty of kids yet.

                      So happy you're doing so well...keep me posted!


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                        Wow, DT! I wish mine was too tight, then I would become a masochist.. loving the pain! "Too tight is an easy fix they said." :-O are they planning to get into your belly again and redo smt?

                        I've never been to the US, but we consider it to be similar to heaven.. and the skyscrapers are fascinating! What's your real name mine is Rebecca; it's sweet to invite me it's a looong flight Are you affected by the economical crisis there or you're doing fine?

                        I thought about it too.. you were operated 2 week before me, but as I wasn't as careful as you, I evolved quicker into a normal state.. I wish I was in your shoes though! I am still feeling awesome! Awesome like DTanna is! Haha


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                          Hey Never. They are really pushing to do another endoscope. I remember having a conversation with my surgeon after my surgery about potential problems that may occur. I remember him saying that the procedure being too tight was possible, and that it was not that difficult to fix. I was kinda drugged up at the time, so it's all a little hazy in my head. I should be able to clarify more after I talk to them on Monday. I hoping for an easy fix though for sure.

                          As far as the economy here goes...I've been pretty lucky. I used to work in the airline industry, so a lot of my good friends have been hit hard. I guess that I got out at the right time. Oh..and it's Dan btw.

                          I will definitely let you know what the deal is after I talk to them Monday. I have a list of questions ready for them about what happens now. Oh man, I am not looking forward to driving back to Pittsburgh right now. Wish I still worked for the airlines. I so happy you are feeling so well!! You keep me feeling very encouraged that I will end up fine


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                            Good news for today. The test results came back from my local doctor in regards to me possibly still having some thrush issues. It sounds kind of funny, but the tests showed that I do still have some, and I am happy about that. So it's a bit more medicine/probiotics and hopefully it will be knocked out this time. When I start seeing some of the symptoms of thrush, I start thinking of gerd related issues right away. I was waiting to get these results before I called the doctors in I still haven't called them yet. I am doing everything possible to avoid going there for another scope. I still think that things aren't normal, and that my surgery is probably is too tight. Of course that means that I will indeed have to go back and see the doctor again. I am going to do everything possible to make sure that there is no other option than to go back before I actually make that appointment. As long as I know that acid is not currently getting into my throat and mouth every night...then I can wait for now. Maybe I just need to eat more aggressively and it will take care of itself!?


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                              Yey, glad for you, DTanna! I wonder how much time of probiotics/medicine is needed to get rid of the problem for good. I remember when my tests came out normal, I thought "oh, what next then?", so I can totally agree with your contentness.
                              Actually I suppose what you think is right!! If you eat more aggressively it should adjust! You know.. it can be worse.. imagine if you had it too loose. There are some days when I feel it loose, others that I feel like it has tightened up.. it's weird, but cool. Is meat a regular product in your diet (it was the one which most scared me), no trouble swallowing pieces, hm? I think it was the product (chicken, fish) which made things go back to normal, as far as 'real' food goes..


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                                Hey there Never! I am feeling much better today in a bunch of different ways. Even though I read that people have long recovery times from surgeries like these, I guess it's normal to think you'll heal faster than everyone else. I am into my tenth week post-op, and feel like I have improved more this past week than any prior. I do not know exactly what changed, but everything seems way better right now. I am afraid to jinx myself...but I feel almost 100%.

                                I have stepped up the eating this week. I had sushi for the first time in 2 months, and it was awesome! I've been eating tilapia filets almost every night for dinner. So far that is the only meat I have tried. I am not a huge meat eater anyways...but I have to admit a big old burger would hit the spot right now. I have been taking a lot of the Acidophilus you recommended along with probiotic drinks. Anything that I think can help I am willing to try.

                                I still feel like some things get "stuck" in my throat if I eat too much or too fast. I am guessing this is why they feel it may be too tight. When you say sometimes it is loose and sometimes tight, do you feel like this is all part of the normal healing process? Do you think eating chicken and fish early on has helped you heal? You need to just get my email so we can update each other on our progress. I think you have to ask the site administrator for an address or something like that. I also wanted to know how you are handling physical activity? I am not really sure what to do about it. I still haven't gone to the gym or played golf. Pretty much anything that is very strenuous I have not tried yet. My doctor said I could, but then I saw on the Mayo clinic site that they recommend no lifting over 5 pounds for 3 months after a normal fundo surgery. That makes me a bit hesitant. How are you handling things?

                                Still very happy to know you are doing very well...keep on getting better!!