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  • LINX or Esophyx

    Advice please.

    I don't want to have a Nissen and I'm looking at these 2 procedures. I can't say my local consultant is very keen on either but only because they are both new. He says there isn't much data but that's inevitable.

    looking at them both, I'm leaning towards the LINX. The risk of failure seems low and even if it did fail it could be removed without preventing other options, including Esophyx or Nissen.

    the results data on this and other boards looks good too.

    Is anytone else thinking about these two options or better still has anyone decided.If so, what did you plum for and why ?


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    Bertie...You said..."the results data on this and other boards looks good too."

    Where have you seen results on the linx. I have never read posts from anyone that has had the Linx.


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      i know personally if had the choice i would go with the Linx procedure.

      you seem to be looking at the bigger picture with these procedures

      I will have wait until it comes to canada or get it done in the states when i cant hold on any longer to wait for it here.

      It looks like a good alternative to these other surgeries.

      good luck on your search

      knowledge is power.


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        Successful Patients

        LSAT, Yes, there are posts from a guy in the UK who has had it done - he was the first here in the UK. Says he's doing great. His posts are on a different board - Healing Well.

        You can see over thre that he has looked into absolutely everything and chiose LINX, and it's worked for him. He's posted a lot on this and really seems to know what he's talking about.

        I'm pretty sure it's the way to go, notleast because you don't do any permanent damage.

        I could have a LINX and then have a Nissen in future if I needed one.

        I spoke to the LINX people. They were upfront and said it's new but the first few patients have done well. they said there are quite a few exclusion criteria but luckily I don't have any of them.

        I'm leaning towards LINX the more I read. Part of that is because I've read a few miserable stories from people who have had the Esophyx and no way am I having a fundoplication procedure.