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severe chest pain till I make myself burp

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  • severe chest pain till I make myself burp

    my esophagus feels like it is going to rip apart untill I get all the gas out of my stomach..then I feel normal again..I make myself burp till it is all gone ..sometimes 10 burps .or it could be alot more ..what ever it takes to get rid of stomach gas ..then after the pressure in my stomach is gone is the pain in my even makes my lungs hurt in that area really is like night and here is some background..I have had this for 15 years ..had my heart test 3 times ..ran it off then end of the scale problem there ..4 endscopys with 4 different do's ..all say same thing ..slight GERD..funny thing is I can go for months and have no problem till I lift something heavy {especially eith a full belly} and the next thing you know ..on comes the gas and chest pain ..sometimes I have set it off by bending over after a meal, or even reaching above my head with my arms ,or like a month ago I was sitting in my truck,went to reach over to other door to unlock it and I streached really far and the next thing you know I was burping again and having the chest pain . Then it might go on for a day or a week and all of a sudden..everything is ok again..I can eat with out beanos, gas is gone has something to do with the way I move my upper body that makes this thing come and go..or like I said ..lifting something or bending over to pick something up after a meal. twice this summer I jumped up in the back of my truck and bent over to get in the back because I have a cap on truck..I knew I should of got on my knee's instead and next thing you know I was burping and having chest pain in my esophagus..went away few days later ..when I have this condition..I even get some irregular heart skip's ..even had pains in my back by my shoulder blades,couple of times a few years ago when I had this condition,I got a lower lip feel numb,really anxious and I feel like someone is shoving their fist up from my stomach uppwards in my chest..I know i have NO problem with my haert..I have had 3 test..I have had 2 gallbladder test,I can tell you this ..for 26 years I have worked in automobile factory..I would not eat hardly anything all day but when I got home at nite ..I would set up and eat all nite and stuff myself because I did not eat much all day..and was trying to make up for what I did not eat during the day..sometime I would wake up in chair and see 4 or 5 plates all around me ..I should of know better ..but it was a vicious cycle something ,smoke a some more ..smoke one ..then for a while I had a job there where I would have to bend over and pull heavy parts out of baskets all day.well I would go in and eat a big meal to last me all day and the start bending over lifting parts ..about 5 yars I did that ..well the only thig I forgot to say was know when I have this problem I also get food that comes up when I burp sometimes ..I hpoe this goes away again like it usually does just out of the blue ..but it seems alot worse now that ever ..especially the pain in esophagus ..I am trying to finish up the last few years at as I can retire ..I have allways been athletic ..not out of shape ..but now I can't even hardly lift anything witout bring on this problem..does anyone have any idea what the heck it making the gas go up there and food coming up and the terrible pain I get in my esophagus till all the pressues is gone ?I have been coming here to this site for about 4 years and not seen anyone with same problem..any help would be a blessing ..thank's ..

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    It is very possible that you are dealing with a Hiatal Hernia. It sounds like part of your stomach is sliding up through the diaphragm when you are having problems.

    See your doctor and get a referral to a gastroenterologist. He can properly diagnose your situation and get you on a course to resolve it.


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      Its sounds like you have a hiatal hernia, your symptoms are exact to mine and I have one. Avoid lifting heavy things and bending down, eat smaller meals, and do not do anything physical 2 hours after you eat. It can be very painful, I also had severe chest pain, but my symptoms are non existant right now with dietary changes, and PPI protonix, and avoiding any straining on those muscles. Hope you find relief, it can take some time to start and feel better. Dont give up hope.


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        I have those same problems. I've had Stage 1 GERD coming up on 3yrs now. Every year I usually get an acute attack of severe heartburn that lasts 3-6wks straight. But throughout the year I'll get symptoms like yours that begin w/ bending over, ab exercises, running or eating too much. I'll get severe chest pains (front and back) and severe abdominal pains that are alleviated by burping continuously.

        I have to bend at the knees with everything I do. If I want to play basketball or some activity that involves jumping around, I take Maalox (better to reflux Maalox than acid). But I still get heartburn. I have quit running (this is how this all started).

        I am convinced I have a hernia that no one has been able to see yet; I've had barium swallow, EGD etc. come up neg for hernia. Some people have needed up to 4 barium swallows for theirs to finally be seen. I'm going to request another barium swallow.
        I'm also being treated (lately) for motility problems that may be contributing to my reflux.

        Many doctors don't know what to tell us. It's up to us to demand an answer and keep getting tests done to rule out one thing or another.

        After reading hundreds of messages on this board I've concluded that this problem (GERD) is multifaceted and most of us I believe have multiple processes going on that are contributing to our symptoms. There are people w/ obvious hiatal hernias that are asymptomatic yet there are some w/ no evidence of lower esophageal sphincter abnormality or hernia but still have damage.

        The mystery remains.

        Good luck to ya,



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          Hi Mark Sounds like typical hernia symptoms.

          I read in one of your previous posts that you have had 3 endoscopies and the doctor concluded that you might have a hiatal hernia.

          Can he not tell for sure after 3 endoscopies ? Why only might? why not a definate no or yes ? It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that doctors aren't able to ascertain conclusively whether a person has a hernia or not.

          And a hernia does affect the LES