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Anyone had Bravo w/o sedation

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  • Anyone had Bravo w/o sedation


    I am scheduled to have the 48 hour Bravo test done this monday (january 12). My doctor plans to do the insertion with no sedation... just lots of numbing agent. I just had an endoscopy about a month ago so he says he knows where it will go.

    I'm really nervous about having this done without sedation, but now having read others posts -- it seems everyone else has had sedation -- I am scared!!

    Has anyone had the Bravo insertion done without sedation?

    Thanks, Suzanne

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    Performing the Bravo Procedure without sedating the patient is entirely acceptable and not a difficult experience for the patient.

    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon New Hampshire places the Bravo capsule daily without sedation. They use benzocaine spray to numb the throat and deliver the Bravo/device orally. They have performed over 300 of these without difficulty. Patients do very well.


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      Thanks for looking into this Hawk!

      I had the procedure to insert the Bravo yesterday (Monday morning). My doctor was very kind about my nervousness and gave me some Versed by IV to help me feel more relaxed.

      I was awake for the procedure. It wasn't too bad. The Bravo is in and I am doing fine now. I am on the second day of my 48 hours. For my first two meals on the first day, it was painful when food went down. I tried chewing really well and that helped some. By dinner time, it wasn't painful anymore...just could feel Bravo "was there".

      For me, this Bravo is so much better than the nasal tube method of ph testing. The receiver device gives me a constant reading of my ph. The nurse told me when it goes below 4.0 that is considered acidic. Before I went home they tested the device by having me drink some cranberry juice.

      And yes -- the Bravo had already told me that I am refluxing acid approximately 1/2 to 1 hour after meals. (I am making that assumption based on readings from Bravo and timing of meals.)
      And yes -- ph readings correspond to my symptoms. This had made me happy...that may sound silly, but I have sufferered from GERD for over 20 years and somehow I now feel validated. I have no idea if that will make sense to anyone. But seeing ph of 1.7 while I feel symptoms makes me feel better.

      I really should wait for testing period to be over and get the results evaluated by my doctor before I make any conclusions!
      I also hope I didn't scare anyone with my worries. I am doing fine. suzee


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        I had it today,
        but its painfull especially when i eat,
        the nurse didn't explain anything about it, i mean when to press keys.