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Cold feeling in throat & sore throat. Any ideas please?

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  • Cold feeling in throat & sore throat. Any ideas please?

    For over 6 weeks now I have had a sore throat that usually causes a problem late evening or early morning. In the morning it feels really dry and seems like there is something like phlem in the back of it but I cannot cough it up.

    Also, the last few days I keep getting a strange cold/chill feeling in my throat, often 30 mins or so after eating.

    Not having had this problem in the past, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I can't begin to guess what might be wrong. Your post hasn't provided any reason to think that this is GI-related, but maybe others with the same symptoms will come along and say otherwise.

    If I were in your shoes, I would see a doctor and get a throat culture (at minimum).

    Do not mean to scare you, but a colleague of mine walked around complaining about his sore throat for a few weeks and has just been told it is cancer.


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      sore throat

      gerd often gives people a sore throat. sometimes without heartburn.
      good luck, hope you're feeling better.


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        I agree with Thistle, you should be checked by a doctor. Another thought...this is allergy season. There are many things in the enviornment that can cause these symptoms. You might try OTC Claritan or some other allergy medication...ask your pharmacist.