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  • Ativan vs Librax

    I have posted in the past about my chronic gastritis condition. After serveral scopes and visits to gastro specialists (four total); nothing could be identified as to what is causing the gastritis, 24/7 with no let up.

    I took just about very PPI available; otc med; herbs; on line miracle drugs; aloe; DGL, gave up coffee, wine, most of my favorite foods.

    The last specialist I saw determined my gastritis is anxiety driven and suggested I meet with a psyschtrist who then suggested I have therapy!

    The psychtrist prescribed .5mg of ativan to be taken twice a day. I resisted and took it once in a while. I don't like taking medication!

    I was all set to do a dump on the psychtrist after a month of taking ativan here and there and a month of therapy! Nothing was working in my mind.

    At last week's session, we talked about what was going on and it was concluded that I had to stop self medicating myself and take the ativan as she directed, try it for a month.

    After almost a week of continuous use, 2x a day, I feel pretty good. The burning has subsided to where when I do have it, it's bearable. I sleep all night and don't wake up with burning.

    Now, here's the issue. Several years ago, another specialist prescribed Librax. It was a wonder drug and I felt like a new person. I took that for about 6 months and as is typical of me, I started to adjust the dose, taking 3 instread of 4 and then two and then one. The gastritis came back and when I tried to go back on the regimen, it didn't work right away so I concluded that it won't work and stopped taking it.

    Before my visit with the psychtrist, I called the specialist who prescribed the Librax and after a discussion, he suggested I try it again, following the prescribed dose, 4 x a day. I did this because I was certain that I was going to stop the therphy sessions. But I didn't, she convinced me to do it the right way!

    So, now I have a prescription for Librax which I did not fille, and have been taking the ativan with success for five days.

    I don't want to take anything long term and wonder what are the side effects of each drug. Would I be safer taking Librax or does it matter? Is it just as easy to become addicted to Librax as it is to Ativan?

    The ativan gives me concern because I read that you can become addicted pretty quickly even at the dose I take. But where it's only been a few days, I would be willing to stop the ativan and swtich over to the Librax if that is the safer of the two. I did make up my mind to follow the doctor's instructions and not try to alter the dose I'm suppose to take, at least for a month or so.

    I guess the simple question is if you could choose Librax or Ativan for anxiety induced gastritis, which would you chooise????

    i hope this makes sense!

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    Hi Hope Please read this info on gastritis [url][/url]

    very glad you are feeling better. Both Ativan and Librax contain the same class of drug , they both contain benzodiazepines, ativan in higher concentrations

    Librax actually has 2 dfferent drugs in it, one being librium a benzodiazepine which is also addictive, the other drug --- an antispasmodic called.clidinium. Librax is specifically formulated for certain stomach and bowel conditions .

    Here is info on both drugs, side effects etc. [url][/url]


    You are being monitered and they will taper you off either drug. Discuss with your doctor about your fears and ask if librax may be more appropriate for you. Hope things continue to go well for you.