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  • Belching and PPI's ......

    Has anyone here experienced a lot of belching with PPI use? I am on Protonix twice a day and geesh during the day its ok, but 5 p.m. is the witching hour. After that and all night I am belching up air and also expelling gas. I take 3 Gas-x and that seems to cut it down a bit, but I feel like a pill junkie. Also, how can one tell if the belching is from the Gerd or from the PPI? Who knows, maybe this PPI isn't even working and I don't know it. I was diagnosed with Barretts Esphogas with no dysplasia. I am starting to freak thinking that maybe all this belching is because I still am refluxing, the PPI's are not working and next year's endoscopy with reveal dysplasia. I start the Nexium on Wednesday maybe that will be better. Also, can you take a Zantac and a PPI if you are having a bad night? It says on the Zantac package not to mix it with another antiacid (although a PPI is not an anti-acid, it still concerns me). This whole thing really baffles me. I never had any acid reflux issues in my life. All I know is I ate a bowl of cereal on the morning of November 17, 2004, got an upset stomach which did not go away the next day. After two weeks of feeling a burning in my upper stomach I went to the doctor, she started me on Protonix, referred me to a GI. The GI did an endoscopy where Barretts was diagnosed through a red spot on the esphogas. Stomach was normal and the stomach was where I was having my problems so go figure. Oh well, I don't want to unload you guys, thanks for anyone's help ..... Joanne

    P.S.: I was talking to my neighbor about the acid reflux thing. She told me her granddaughter that she takes care of had the Nissen surgery. She was only 1 year old at the time. Her grand daughter was born premature and had loads of complications as a preemie. The acid reflux thing was just one of them.

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    Hi Joanne I remember your last post , and the doctor told you your esophagus looked fine on endoscopy and you could stop the PPIS. Bet he's eating his words now.

    So biopsy was positive for Barretts. Just so that you are aware, there are many misdiagnoses of Barrett's. Due to the doctor actually biopsying the stomach instead of the esophagus because there are no set boundaries on where the esophagus ends and stomach begins. And because of lab misinturrpretation.

    Many a person has had their Barrett's diagnosis reversed. So it is always a good idea A to get your subsequent endoscopy and biopsies done by another Gi and B send your slides to another lab for inturrpretation.

    As for the belching and PPIS. Yes PPIS can cause belching, so can GERD though. How can you tell which is causing the belching ? Impossible unless you go off the meds which isn't a good idea in your case. Maybe if you change meds, the belching may not be as bad . ... How do you tell if the meds are working? If you are still having symptoms, you request a 24 ph test while on meds to see if in fact you still have abnormal acid exposure while on the PPIS.

    Yes, it's perfectly fine to take a zantac with PPIS. Many on the board have been given the green light, i took zantac with my PPIS too. But of course, check with your doctor. Good luck Joanne