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  • Irrregular heartbeat

    Hi everybody. I'm new. Does anyone else get a constant irregular heartbeat and palpitatins with acid reflux and gastritis? It feels like something's around kicking iside my chest and stomach all the time, particularly when I lie down so I can't sleep properly. I don't know if its the reflux makes me notice the palpitations more or if it's causing them. I took Pariet for 5 months and it helped with the heartburn but made me feel so awful in other respects that I stopped because I think that caused me palpitations.

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    palpitating still...

    I had palpitations BEFORE I had reflux esophagitis and was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. They were literally one of my first symptoms.

    The palpitations have gotten better as my esophagus has healed, but it has been a long haul, and I still have problems with them sometimes.


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      Hi, Vicky. I had bad palpitations when I originally came down with GERD. They even put me on a treadmill and tested my heart, just to make sure my ticker wasn't acting up. But I found that the palpitations went away after about 4-6 months of treatment with Zantac for reflux and Buspar for anxiety. I don't honestly know which of the meds solved the problem. But I haven't had any problem since, and it's been a few years.

      Concurrent to this, I also underwent a stress reduction program: meditation, long walks, and an attitude adjustment about life in general. This may have helped, too.


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        i also get these and hate them!! they are frightening. i have been keeping a journal of when i get them and some common things i found were, heartburn the night before, then having them next morning, week before period, and when pants are to tight around waist which is why i think i might have a hiatal hernia because when i wear loose clothing don't seem to have them near as frequently. i know anxiety plays a part but mine seem more fucused on these things. i can go for weeks and not have them then have them all the time for weeks. someone on this board said that if you cough when you get them it helps stop them and i do this and it seems to help. good luck


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          Irregular Heartbeat

          Thanks for your replies - it's reassuring to know I'm not alone. Went to doc and he gave me an ECG. He said my heart rate was "galloping along" at 113 but blood pressure is low. Gave me 10mg Losec and have to go back in two weeks. He told me that excess acid production can sometimes stimulate the nerves to cause irregular heartbeat.