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Valerian for anxiety and GERD?

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  • Valerian for anxiety and GERD?

    Hi there!

    I am convinced that at least partially my LPR is caused by a continuous anxiety which started a couple of years back when I discovered a lump in my breast and a stupid resident send me home for 1 month to "check it periodically" instead of doing at least an ultrasound asap. Fortunately as I found out later it was benign, I had my surgery done, but I still feel like I could kill that stupid woman, that put me through a month of hell and disturbed my inner balance since.

    Now, I read on the internet on several sites, that as an alternative approach, Valerian root might be useful in GERD since it both stimulates digestion and also helps with anxiety. Has anyone tryed it? How should it be taken?

    Thanks a lot