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    Wow guys!!

    You all are describing me to a tee here!! I just put up a post called "I was in the ER today". Could you guys read this and give me your input please?? Thanks so much!! So glad I read this tonight!



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      Preventive approach to healing chronic/accute Gastritis

      Dear Hope,
      Just wanted to share my approach to preventing my accute gastritis elevating to Chronic.

      I have been advised to follow-up on the Eat Right for your Diet, by Dr Peter J. A'Adamo and Catherine Whitney. This book has greatly supported me in reducing the aggravation to my gastritis by eliminating the incorrect food types for Blood Group O+. I have found that my whole digestive system has been gradually disintegrating through food allergies. This book has defined the foods that I can consume and the ones that I need to totally remove from my diet. So I shall keep you posted on the outcomes. I hope this maybe of help. I am a big believer in the preventive approach by determining what the root cause is and removing this risk to prevent illness.

      Kind Regards

      Went to a Digstive Specialist. I think it's just another name for gastro doctor.

      He listened to me, read my past biopsies and medical history. He was quite pragmatic and said that he has seen this a few times. A patient with on going symptoms of consistent burning with a diagnosis of gastritis (in my case chronic) but on scoping the patient, the visual symptoms and biopsy show a condition that doesn't warrant the kind of symptoms the patient is having. He suspects this is what's been going on; the doctors seeing some gastritis ; the biopsy showing nothing further hence they try different meds or tell me to see a shrink!

      The triggers to him was that certain meds do work but only for a short time and the fact that nobody biopsied my esophagus because it looked okay on a visual.

      He suspects one of two conditions. The first is nerve endings in the esophagus that can't be seen. It's a hyper sensitive condition that requires an anti spasmatic medicine. That's why when I took Librax it worked miracles but only for a few months. Librax doesn't work after awhile meaning you can become immune to it.

      The second condition has such a long name that I was remiss and didn't write it down.

      But he's suspecting a nerve ending issue.

      So, I was scoped last week and he told my husband that he saw mild gastritis and some slight esophagustis. I have an app't with him next week.

      I'll let you know what he says. Let's just hope that he has a name for this and some kind of treatment plan. He told me that yes, there are meds for this and yes, I would need to change my eating habits! My eating habits have changed drastically but there are times that foods will bother me.[/QUOTE]


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        Thanks Olga. I am familiar with the book. I'm in the A group and the selections I can eat are not very appealing! But like you, I do advocate a good healthy diet. I often said that my symptoms are food driven. If I eat correctly, I have little distress. If I eat the wrong foods, I suffer for it.


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          Hope, I was just re-reading our earlier correspondence when you mentioned that getting a biopsy during a scope was protocol. Well, my doctor didn't do one. When I asked him about the possibility of candida he said he didn't think so, and told me he didn't take a biopsy. I was kind of surprised, needless to say. Maybe I should consider another doc? All mine told me to do was continue taking the prevacid. It is not making it worse, so I will continue for a while with it - i may even be a little better. From what I've read here, it can take a while to heal.


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            I've had several scopes throughout the years and always had biopsies in different areas. How can he make a proper diagnosis without one? There is only so much they can see.

            If it were me, I would go to another doctor for sure.


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              Get a different GI

              Mickie....I agree with hope...I don't know why a GI would make you go through the EGD without taking biopsies of the esophagus and stomach. Sure, he didn't see anything suspicious which is good, but many problems go unseen by the eye but can be detected under the microscope.


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                Thanks for the input. I agree, I was quite shocked when he told me he didn't do a biopsy, I just assumed he did. I hate the thought of starting over with a new doc, but I have heard of a good one in town, so I will call her. He did give me a copy of the photo he took during the scope and it shows small white spots all over. When I asked him what they were, he just said esophagitis. I can't believe I might have to have another scope because of his incompetence. Oh well, thanks again.


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                  It's not really a big deal and it's over pretty quick. You might as well have it done correctly. It doesn't sound like this doctor is a specialist in the gastro field.

                  Biopsies are more important and standard if anything is seen visually.

                  The first step, for me anyway, is to take the pictures to a gastro specialist and have an in-depth discussion about what the pictures show; the need for a second scope with biopsy and the course of action/medication you should be taking.

                  I went to six doctors, most specialists before I hit upon the doctor who correctly diagnosed my problem


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                    question for you

                    You describe this as heartburn does it go up into your chest or across under your breasts and in the center? I have had this "pressure" type feeling off and on for the better part of 10 + years. The Dr. didn't run any tests and told me it was gerds. I have been off and on aciphex and protonix since that point and recently, while on aciphex, it started coming back and I was finally tested,Upper GI. I was told I have Gastritis, esophegitis, gerds and a sliding esophgeal hernia (hiatal hernia). I am going to a gastro Dr. whenever I get the referral hopefully soon. The feeling I have, like I said is sort of a tightness around the front of my chest and the feeling that someone has a fist in my stomach. I suppose it could be heartburn although the heartburn I feel when not on med's is much stronger and more painful and comes up in the direction of my throat. I have been tested for heart (angiogram) so feel pretty safe it's not that, had several ultra sounds, and chest xray. My bra even hurts to wear and I bought a loose one that is really soft like a T-shirt to see if that would help. It doesn't, when the feelings here it won't go away even with aciphex and maalox. Does this sound like what you are feeling? Would love to find someone that have this feeling, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone that's for sure. The center of my back hurts but I always assumed it was muscle ache from sitting at a desk and computer all day but who knows. Any info greatly appreciated!


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                      Terry....After 10 years of this I'm surprised that you have had no tests. (I think you should change doctors). You need an endoscopy and a 24 hour PH test to see if your discomfort is really from acid.


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                        LSAT, it's not like I haven't changed Dr's several times actually. What a procedure to get get a diagnosis. Must admit part of it is my fault. I also had Graves disease and ended up have Thyroid removed due to papillary carcinoma so I attributed part of this pain and problems to the finally discovered Thryoid Disease. (speeding while ill with Graves disease has many many symptoms) When you loose your thyroid everything starts to fall apart.
                        But for the last three years it's been a slow process getting this far. Hopefully Gastro Dr. will do something. Thanks for replying


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                          Hope, are you better? What did you find it helped?