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Gurgling in Throat

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  • Gurgling in Throat

    Does anyone get a "gurgling" sound and feeling in their thorat. Almost feels and sounds like presssure is releasing... not sure if it's acid or what...

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    I Get That I Get That!!!!


    I'll tell you If I swallow I will get that about 1 second after I swallow!
    Liquids do it allot. I also get it when I wake up.. sometimes If I inhale or I sneeze it will do it right after. This is before eating any food .. before I get
    out of bed!

    in fact I have noticed it allot more..

    I have to say that my reflux has changed quite a bit..
    it used to be painful all of the time..then it got better..

    then I had allot of acid in the nose... sneeze marathons..
    and strange smells associated with it..
    but that has gotten better.. much better..

    just every now and then If I am preparing food and I move around
    quick... I'll get a little pain in the chest.


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      I get the gurgling, don't know why, have never really paid that much attention to it, but it is there. I figure it's just air trapped in the esophogus that is escaping, but isn't enough to cause an actual burp. *shrug* Who knows.