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Burping and pressure beneath the rib cage

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  • Burping and pressure beneath the rib cage

    Hello All,

    I know GERD can cause of a lot burping. I am burping a lot and sometimes it results in reflux. Moreover, there is a pressure right below the rib cage and the burping comes up. I also reflux at that time.

    I am just really concerned and it is really annoying and frustrating. I do not how to stop the burping. The ppi's have helped me some releif in symptoms, but i wish somehow this pressure beneath my rib cage goes way.

    Please advise if anyone knows a solution.


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    Hi prego... your name reminds me of spaghetti sauce! YUM and ouch!

    Have you had your gallbladder checked.??? I had lots of pressure below my ribs.... and would actually reflux up into my mouth... even on the PPI's before the surgeryto remove my gb... and I burped constantly... my mom used to do that and I thought it was age... she was 43 yrs older than me.. but I burped like crazy pre=gb removal... by pressure do you mean like a pain?? or just fullness... have you tried GAS-X??? my GI doc told me to get some... I did and it helps with gas which makes me feel kinda bloated up high... but the pressure/pain thing was definitely gb...

    Hope you get figured out soon...


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      Thank you

      Hi Centralval,

      Thankyou. Prego is just an assumed name. But yes sauce sounds good which we cannot eat.

      I will get some gasx