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  • White Blood count

    Anyone have any ideas on what could cause a low white blood cell count?

    Mine was 4.2 (Range 4.8-10.8)

    I had a normal test in April where my count was 4.7(Range 3.8-10.8)

    Also, is the score i have impt or just the range? I mean if I had had the 4.2 on the other test I would have been in the normal range. thnaks


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    Are you on PPIs? I think being on PPIs may lower the white blood cell count, but I'm not sure about that. Someone else will probably be able to respond with more solid information. I could imagine other medications might lower it also.


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      Hi JD,
      The WBC (white blood cell) count has two components. The total number of WBC(leukocytes) and the differential count which measures the percentage of each type of leukocyte (Neutrophils,Lymphocytes,Monocytes,Eosinophils and Basophils). There are many illnesses that can cause a low white blood count including drug toxicity, infections, dietary deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, etc.. The differental results can further pinpoint a problem.

      The ranges depend on the lab that's being used. Labs also change/update their ranges depending on equipment used, etc..

      What medications are you taking? You can go to their website and check the adverse lab findings in their information about the drug.


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        I am on Prevacid and nasonex for allergies.


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          According to the online Prevacid insert:

          Laboratory Values: The following changes in laboratory parameters for lansoprazole were reported as adverse events:

          Abnormal liver function tests, increased SGOT (AST), increased SGPT (ALT), increased creatinine, increased alkaline phosphatase, increased globulins, increased GGTP, increased/decreased/abnormal WBC, abnormal AG ratio, abnormal RBC, bilirubinemia, eosinophilia, hyperlipemia, increased/decreased electrolytes, increased/decreased cholesterol, increased glucocorticoids, increased LDH, increased/decreased/abnormal platelets, and increased gastrin levels. Urine abnormalities such as albuminuria, glycosuria, and hematuria were also reported. Additional isolated laboratory abnormalities were reported.


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            My husbands WBC always runs low... we didn't notice it til the last couple of lab tests... the time before last it dipped below the 'norm' and nervous me flipped out... doc said it could be infection or that some people just have a lower count... I was so worried because mine is always close to the top of the range and one time got up to 14.... husb is not on PPI's or any meds... well he's now on Lovastatin for cholesterol but his last labs were before he started that...

            I'm watching this thread closely cause I still worry about his low count...


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              Hi There Many meds can affect WBC count ..... Nasonex can too.... as you can see in the product info. [url][/url]

              I've read both allergies and stress can up or lower the count too.

              It's not very low , they usually don't worry in that range . If it continues to decline, that would raise concen.

              Some people have a low WBC for no reason.

              Here's a post in the Ask a doctor forum. As you can see, the guy who wrote in, had a WBC count of 3.9 ( Normal range 4.8-10.8.) and his doctors office told him that his blood tests were all normal . My doctor does that too ... Tells me my results are normal when they are in reality slightly off normal lab values. I guess they often dismiss slightly abnormal results . [url][/url]

              All other blood tests i'm assuming are ok ? .I'd moniter. Hope you are feeling ok aside from the GERD stuff .


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                Originally posted by Tricia
                ....My doctor does that too ... Tells me my results are normal when they are in reality slightly off normal lab values. I guess they often dismiss slightly abnormal results...
                Hi Tricia,
                Yes my doctor does that too. I'm not sure I like it but one could go crazy worrying needlessly. The majority of times it's fine and, depending on the test, just watching for a pattern or continued increase/decrease is what's done. But then there was the old "pepcid and elevated liver enzymes" situation I went through. That dismissal really bothered me so now I always ask for a copy of my labs and question any abnormalities. Probably drives them nuts.


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                  Daw and tricia

                  Thanks for the response guys,

                  it is hard to quit worrying. You know, my gerd really has been better, except for my throat getting tight at times. Ihave really struggled with anxiety lately though over an issue like a blood test with an abnormal reading. I alos have had trouble sleeping-feeling of not being refreshed after a night in bed, and headaches in the morning. My hand and feet hurt in bed a lot esecially when I am trying to relax. I am having a sleep apnea test and some neurology testing as well. I have convinced myself that i just have gerd and ibs with tremndous anxiety related issues, then I get an abnormal reading on a blood test(WBC count low) and I freak out again. Somehow I have to learn how to deal with this anxiety.