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    I am struggling with acid reflux again. A few months of protonix seemed to wipe it out last time I had symptoms. I had a great year and a half with absolutely no issues. Then stress came and I couldn't figure out why I was struggling with being seated in the car and thought maybe it was a panic attack of some kind - my symptoms were so non-specific and strange - I felt off but couldn't identify this with reflux in any way. Just a crazy insane feeling inside like I would come out of my skin, no pain - and I had to get my bra off right away?? (Last time it was heart palpitations and hunger paings.) Again there wasn't pain - more like a pressure that was just off. Then the feeling began to take on a more specific burning, then pain, then a globus feeling - and then within days full blown horrid reflux - I stopped eating and then started throwing up bile and bleckkkk. I am back on the protonix 40 mg twice a day because I had leftovers and asked my doctor if I could start them again and it was agreed.

    I don't want to be here again. Last time I healed up JUST as the insurance company was refusing to cover any more protonix (which works awesome) and gonna force me to get scoped. The doctor said she really thought I had a hiatal hernia. Kind of makes me mad that this started up right when I was very busy and simultaneously getting physical therapy that included a lot of stomach exercises. I think the two combined did the trick.

    I have been reading for a few days and during that few days have become almost symptom free again, the globus feeling occasionally hits for a minute or two, but is not locked up 24/7 as it was before. LOTS of eating - in fact over-eating (I am of typical weight.) has kept me much better off, but I sure hope I won't have to continue that.

    Anyways I will get right to it. My bra hurts (okay not severe pain just that very gross strangly pressure gut squish insanity feeling) and I don't know what to do. Going braless isn't an option outside the home, obviously. What is very cool is that with the symptoms going away my stress level is way low which is wonderful. I think the silent reflux may have been causing damage and setting off silent stress, as well. What is the insane feeling? Have you ever wanted to come out of your skin with no pain?

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    Mornin Ouch..

    I know what you mean about the pressure feeling from your bra... when I'm in a GERD session mine hurts bad... or I should say makes matters much worse... I had to buy one of those bra extenders which helps a bunch.. real cheap at Walmart.. cause like you.. the 'sisters' have to be strapped down when I go anywhere... heehee :-P I don't even like going braless at home... but sometimes HAVE to cause of the pressure, it even makes the burning worse... so I unbutton my britches and take off the bra... then tell DH.. UH UH don't get yer hopes up!

    I've been on one Nexium a day now for about a year and a half.. have tried 3 times to go off and YIKES.... I go through reflux sessions now... I don't really see that nono foods can trigger a 'session'... I guess it all works tog for me... stress and no no foods... then BAM! lasts a week or so then I seem to be better til another time. I even get the 'wanna come out of my skin' feeling once in a while... kinda thought it was my hormones acting up.. but now you got me thinking...

    I hope your insurance isn't a pain and the protonix works for you again...


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      Well last time my doctor at first thought panic attacks until the symptoms added up. I have never been treated for anxiety, though, and didn't feel anxious, just ticked and uncomfortable. Make it stop!!

      A bra extender?? Never heard of that but I switched from underwire to sports bra that has a strap and I am TOTALLY going to look for an extender. I hope this doesn't end up getting sensored because I am not trying to be naughty but one night it was so bad I thought the weight of the sisters was causing the pain and I made my own bra contraption with a stretch scarf. *blush* It sort of crossed under and around and suspended the sisters in space from around my neck, all the weight rested on the back of my neck. Can't wear that under clothes, though!!!

      That insane feeling is somewhat like a hot flash but it isn't. It is a hot feeling but it is like a serious alert that something isn't right but you can't pin down what. I get it just a wee bit now just as the GERD starts being identifiable as definitely GERD and when it subsides there is no remaining insanity. I almost wonder if it is a bradycardia. Who knows.

      Today I have more symptoms than the past few days. *sigh* Maybe it is a healing pain, yeah right.


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        Originally posted by Ouch
        Just a crazy insane feeling inside like I would come out of my skin, no pain - and I had to get my bra off right away??
        I know just what you mean. I've had those feelings too. Between us my GP and me decided it was a kind of panic attack but I know that just before the feeling starts I've had no major stress, well no more than usual, but had been feeling very GERDY or should that be GORDY over here in the UK? ie heartburn, pain directly under the ribs, sore throat and usually in my case, pain under the left shoulder blade. I also get heart palps and what feels like hunger pangs. When I eat something I guess I give the stomach something to do and the feeling goes away. Anyway, yes the bra starts to feel tight and uncomfortable and basically I've got to take it off.

        Is it tied up with hormones for women? Is GERD linked with hormones? I always feel far worse just before my monthly period but it's not always linked with it. Why does this thing have so many variables?


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          For pities sake! you mean this flushing is NOT hot flashes?? now ya REALLY got me wondering... I'm on HRT but I snap those puppies in half cause I don't wanna be on 2 mg.... dumb insurance is picky on which brand they pay for... I have been flashing... or at least I thought it was menopause related... someone said to eat a handful of almonds a day and it would help with the HF's... so I did... might be in my head but it did seem to help, even didn't have ANY on some days... even cashews work have had several today... but my chest is hurting, clearing my throat, and esoph feels raw... and what do I fix for dinner?? and eat a bunch of??? Swiss Steak! OUCHHHHH... not you OUCH.. but OWWWWWWW... LOL I even took a lil pink pill (pepsid AC) before I ate it... I know better and up til two years ago NOTHING tomato saucy hurt at ALL! phhooooey I'm so sick of sleeping on two pillows... my bed wedge makes me quite higher than DH.. try rolling over in your sleep and falling off that onto a snoozin man! heehee I keep forgetting to find some old magazines or paperbacks to put under the head of our bed... told DH it would help him too.. heehee or we could go buy a tempurpedic for 5 grand that raises at the head... HA

          My neck is stiff tonight, chest hurts... feel hungry but I'm NOT... in fact I'm bloated! when I have these gerd (gord ) sessions even water makes me hungry.. LOL kinda a burny pain... should NOT have eaten what I did... not during a 'session'...

          OUCH! go to Walmart in the craft section... where the sewing stuff is... you will see bra extenders... ours now has 3 diff sizes... even if ya have a 'big sister' bra you can get the extender with 4 or was it 3 hooks... hmmm... I buy the little ones with 2 hooks... I knew about these from when I was preg... my mom told me to not buy a bigger bra just buy an extender... HUH?? :-P LIFESAVER!!!!

          ALSO2.. I don't think I have any extra stress when these gerd pains come on either... I don't get it... and I seem to always eat the same foods... I did work out in the yard over the weekend with dh! THAT must be it.. all those weeds... and all that flying dirt... hmmmmm YEP I think that was it... has to be.. HEEHEE at least that is what DH is gonna be told.. not sure about the hormones related to GERD either... I do know I didn't have these troubles before I 'HIT IT"... and started on HRT... 6 yrs ago...

          I think I'll go drag out my bedwedge for the night.. and maybe take a 2nd Nexium for the day... see if that helps...



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            OUCHHHHH... not you OUCH.. but OWWWWWWW
            Hahaha - but still exactly how I chose my username...

            Those bed wedges make me feel very uncomfortable in the chest sometimes, like my arms have nowhere to lay down at so they slip off and then my chest feels spread and hurt. I hate it - I just hate it.

            I am laughing so hard about the nuts because I actually started nuts not long ago because my GERD was very recently suggested to me by a doctor I had never seen before, just that time, that it was hypoglycemia, some of the sensations - so nuts are an anti-hypoglycemia food. Nope it was GERD and became full GERD and that was that.

            I get the stiff neck, too, I think it is the wedge and the pillows, I have been sleeping on the couch so I can sit more upright. I'm totally bloated, I am not a bloaty person. I am gaining weight now - and water hurts - it just makes me hungry or hurty and I am unable to distinguish between the two as they feel so similar to me. I know I am thirsty - but really dare I drink water??? Once the water pain sets in only a Classic Coke can reverse the hunger paings and I drink those very rarely - I only need enough to burp and then I have relief - but sometimes it takes a few times.

            I am painting my bedroom and as I paint my mind is only thinking about my GERD and how what I do may bother my GERD - totally unfair.

            I have been in physical therapy for a pain in my back upper left chest. What kind of pain are you meaning, ALSo2? Like a spine pain?


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              ooooh Ouch! <--that time I meant YOU.. heehee

              I have that back pain at bra strp level... is more off to the left... my chiro said he sees the beginning of arthritis.. he did some accupressure on that area and it really helped.. plus he lightened up on the adjustment... my OLD chiro I think did some damage.... it's straight through from my sternum area on the front... feels like a knife is in my back at times.. specially in the morning upon waking up...

              are you reading the massage thread... this one....

              may be all in my head.. but I'm feeling better... take a peek!


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                Originally posted by Ouch
                I have been in physical therapy for a pain in my back upper left chest. What kind of pain are you meaning, ALSo2? Like a spine pain?
                Apologies for not replying sooner - life got in the way!

                The pain was very definitely linked to GERD problems. It was centred right under the left shoulder blade, not a spine pain. Upping my dose of pantoprazole (Protium here in UK, Protonix in the States) seems to clear it as has taking a dose of Nortriptyline, an anti depressant prescribed primarily to act as a muscle relaxant. I do get anxious at times when I try to cram too many things into my life, you know, kids need to be in 3 places at the same time sort of thing. Strangely though the heartburn always seems to start before I know I'm at the anxiety stage - maybe I should listen to the message it's telling me - but then I get anxious because of the heartburn pain. Catch 22.