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What does an Irregular Z-line mean?

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  • What does an Irregular Z-line mean?

    I was looking at my copy of my medical records and it said I had an irregular z-line.I know I dont have Barret's because I've gotten my biopsy report back already. What does this mean?

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    Z Line

    It's the juction between the esophagus and the stomach. Often it's hard to distinguish which may cause a biopsy taken near the Z line to contain stomach cells that look like barretts.


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      z line

      Hi The squamocolumnar junction (Z-line) is, by definition irregular, so describing an “irregular Z-line” provides little to no information..... if thats all your report says.

      Often people with GERD get more irregularities of the Z-line than the normal person. You can have an irregular Z line with Barretts , with SIM , or with plain old GERD.... or without GERD .

      When they inflate you with air during a routine endoscopy , sometimes this can make the z line look more irregular than it actually is. It could be your GIS perception, could be from GERD , or could be nothing.

      We've had people on the board have one endoscopy where the z line looks normal and another endoscopy where it is reported as more irregular... and then normal again.

      So basically it could mean something, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

      Hers a good pic [url][/url]