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Extremely low LES pressure and motility disorder

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    Originally posted by Davran View Post
    Stardust, I checked my records and I see that I had blood work for pancreas, ultrasound and CT scan done. Everything is normal. Thank you anyway for your concern. I will ask my doctors to loot at my pancreas in more details.

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will contact my doctor asp.
    My story is similar to Davran. After a surgery for ovarian cyst, I was given antibiotics. After finishing my last dose, withnin a week I exhibited symptoms of heartburn/LPR on a daily basis.
    I have done all the tests, phmetry, manometry and barium and after a deep googling Research, I strongly believe that I belong to the category "Atypical Disorder of LES" or am I on early stage of achalasia??? I am afraid a lot.

    Phmetry showed multiple events of weakly acid reflux and less alkaline in upright position, normal demeester score and my manometry shows complete relaxation of LES but of shortened duration. I have normal peristalsis. The mean LES resting pressure is 10mmHg( 6-25 mmHg)

    I am quite desperate and depressed, I would like to know what happened with member Davran. Everything was started after a strong round of antibiotics, 1500g for 10 days. Is that a coincidence?????
    Sorry for my english mistakes, I Live in a european country and english is not my mother tongue.