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Burping and exercise

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  • Burping and exercise

    So basically Ive been on PPIs for almost 3 years, tried everything and nothing completely works. At least the nausea is gone. My main question is, anytime I exercise (weight lift OR just play tennis or run or w/e) I get upper abdom pressure and only relief is to burp. Ive tried Gas-x; Charco ect, and nothing helps.

    Does anyone else get this 'pressure' feeling and is it related to heartburn? Most the time with exercise at least I don't get the heartburn but just the pressure and hard to breath feeling. Is there anything else that could be causing this? It really puts a damper on doing anything exercise related.

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    I have very similar symptoms. I get the mild pressue just below my ribs and I burp many times during a run. I have to do it otherwise the pressue would build up and be painful. The problem is I notice LPR symptoms while doing this. When I am done running I have throat irritation and my chest becomes tight. I've heard of it referred to as runners GERD. It's very frustrating but there isn't much that can be done. I try not to work out until at least 3 hours after eating. I try to give as much time for the food to digest as possible. I've also read that people try working out/running at different times of the day. Some people have better luck in the morning while others at night. Perhaps that is something to think about.


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      I am also a runner and get the sensation. I run 3-5 times a week and carry DGL licorice tablets in my pocket. If I suck on those while I run the symptoms are much reduced and I think the swallowing keeps my acid down so it doesn't do LPR damage. I encourage myself to burp a lot.

      I did have to give up weight lifting altogether though.


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        Dang I cannot imagine giving up weight lifting. Without that I drop to ~130 lbs which is where i'm at now, which is like a skeleton

        As for the running, I also get this sharp pain in my upper right chest after about half a mile of running, it's a debilitating feeling and if I don't stop I feel like my chest is going to collapse in. I hate how we produce acid even when we don't eat it seems like. Of course if I eat 30 minutes before going to bed, i'm fine throughout the night and never get gerd symptoms.


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          Did you know that weight lifting is one of the causes of GERD? It damages the sphincter. I lifted for 10 years and was in fabulous shape but I wish I had never done it.


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            Does it matter what type of weight lifting you do? For example, is lifting moderate amounts of weight ok? I don't do much that would effect the mid-section. I don't do any exercises like squats or anything with the legs. Do you think that makes a difference? I work on the arms, shoulders, chest and back.