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always having colds that become bronchitis

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  • always having colds that become bronchitis

    Hello all,

    I haven't posted in quite a while. As usual, I'm waiting on test results.

    In the meantime, I have a terrible chest cold, the kind that I always seem to get once to twice a year, that quite often turns into bronchitis.

    In battling GERD and LPR symptoms, I know there can be a link to asthma, and that people can get a chronic cough, but can GERD/LPR tendencies also make you prone to these kinds of chest colds/bronchitis?

    Does anyone else with GERD/LPR issues find they are prone to this type of chest illness? I've always had this kind of cold, even as a kid, however, I've just developed GERD/LPR symptoms at age 42.

    Thanks, Angela.

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    Not I. I'm just missing a layer of protective mucosa on my larynx.



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      I've had that problem for many years. It started when I was a child and continued as an adult. Now I don't know if there's a relationship with GERD/LPR and this issue becuase I have another condition that could explain it. I have Common Variable Immune Difficiency. You can google it but basically it's a lack of immunoglobulin levels(antibodies). Basically I have a reduced ability to fight infection. I would generally get what seemed to be a routine cold. It would start to go away and then the weezing and chest tightness would start. Eventually it would lead to bronchitis or even pneumonia. I've had pneumonia at least 3 times. I recommend you get blood work to rule this out. You doctor needs to know you get recurrent infections that progress into bronchitis. I'm sure it could be many different things besides what I have but you need to know. The treatment is quite cumbersome but effective. I now can get a cold and fight it off before it becomes something more. You can read more about the treatment online if that is indeed what you have. I open to any questions you might have.


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        Does anyone else with GERD/LPR issues find they are prone to this type of chest illness?
        Yes, and this propensity was one reason my doctors took 18 years to figure out that my problem was acid reflux. Since my Nissen, I haven't had any problems like that.


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          Hello Angela,
          I'm sorry you 're feeling badly. I empathize with you as I am in the midst of an asthma flare as well. I was diagnosed with asthma 10 years ago at age 48. I tend to do as badly as you - I get a cold and it automatically settles in my chest and I get bronchitis and need to go on an antibiotic and/or prednisone. I'm prednisone taper for 10 days right now and my pulmonologist also has me taking floradil long with my asmanex. Wow, do i feel loopy.

          Ironically the first time I saw this pulmo in October 06, he said that if I got my GERD under control my asthma would follow because your airway is connected to our upper GI tract so if acid leaves the stomach and refluxes into the esophagus, it can enter your airways or lungs. At that visit he also suggested and referred me to see a surgeon about having a Nissen. The surgeon sent me for an upper GI and was willing to do the Nissen, fix my hiatal hernia and remove my gall bladder. Ironically the GI I was seeing for the prior 2 years never mentioned this as an option. After much research (especailly here!) I have deferred this option. I also changed GI doctors.
          We'll see what happens in the future.

          Don't have much scientific evidence to share. I'm still learning. but perhaps it will help you to know you're not alone.I hope you feel better soon!

          Take Care!


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            If it's any consolation, I go through the same thing: I get a cold--or flu--and slip easily into bronchitis. In fact I just am overcoming a bout. It started this past Tuesday with flu symptoms and just yesterday I started turning the corner because of the antibotic, Levaquin, my dr put me on.

            This is from

            Most people get better without problems. But sometimes the flu can lead to a bacterial infection, such as an ear infection, a sinus infection, or bronchitis. In rare cases, the flu may cause a more serious problem, such as pneumonia.

            You brought up an excellent suggestion that LPR/GERD has a connection to colds/bronchitis. I also got LPR in my early 40s--two years ago when I was 41. I had a bout of GERD (typical symptoms and not in the throat) one or two years prior to 2006's LPR. Unforutnately I have always easily caught a cold--since childhood. However, it has been within the past couple of years that my primary dr said I easily go into bronchitis from a cold or flu. I don't remember when this discovery was made but definitely within the past few years ago.