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Pain in side, long after gallbladder surgery?

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  • Pain in side, long after gallbladder surgery?

    I have had my gallbladder out about 3 1/2 yrs. and I was wondering if anyone else had pain that long after surgery. It is not a "terrible" pain, but it is like a pulling, or nagging pain, under my front right rib area, and under my back right shoulder blade. When I am sitting in my recliner at home, or in my chair at work, I feel the pain and in my recliner when i stretch out, I can't lean on my right side, because the pain gets to be a little too much.
    Does anyone else have this, is it normal? or could this be a sign that something could be wrong, and it may be associated with the problems I have been having with my attacks (squeezing pain in my sternum area & I have had all types of tests done, and diagnosed with a small esophagus sphinxter and a small hernia, i have had 2 stretches done). I really dont know anyone else who has had their gallbladder removed. Some people have said I may still have a stone stuck, but i have had the test done where you drink the white chalky stuff, and they done the x-rays.... I just dont know why this is bothering me right now, this pain under my ribs.......
    Any info would be appreciated!

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    This doesn't sound like fun at all.

    Don't know a think about gall bladder surgery, but if I were you, I'd get a consult with a surgeon (or a GI specialist), preferably not the one who operated on you, and ask to be evaluated. What folks here say might not have any bearing on your situation at all.

    Good luck!


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      I had my gallbaldder removed three months ago. I didn't have stones, it just wasn't functioning. I had RUQ pain before my surgery and then after, the pain was gone. For about a week now, it's back. It is just below my ribs and sometimes into my back. I find that I tend to get it more when I am at work not sitting up straight in my chair. But, the pain feels the same as it did before my gallbladder was removed.


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        To Kim

        I am experiencing the same pain and I am wondering if its related to the gallbladder. My doc says its from carrying my son but I do not believe him. My pain aches when I have a irregular bowel movement. I also experience pain in the back too. My sister has gallbladder problems too but she experiences nausea all the time. We are both pregnant too.


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          re: pain in right side

          Hi, I have exactly what you describe, my pain started when I was pregnant with my fourth child, after giving birth it continued. I saw a doctor who was very old school and he told me that I had a hiatus hernia and that was what was causing the pain. This child is now 17 years old and I have suffered ever since, I have had lots of tests and several scans of the gall bladder, my gall bladder is fine and I have no stones. A endoscopy confirmed the hiatus hernia and every doctor I have seen has told me the pain is associated with the HH. I find that if I slouch foward, lean back or strech the pain is worse, so being aware of your posture is the main prevention. I hope this helps you, if you have had all the tests and they are normal then stop worrying, you will soon understand what positions make the pain worse and which ones give relief. Rose


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            another attack!

            GRRRRR!!! well it happened again, I had another horrible attack on Thursday. I was not stressed out or anything like that. my son & I had gone to the mall to find him some pants for graduation, we were fixing to walk into a store, and the pain come from no where, i stopped and sit down and took my medicine the dr's have prescribed me, which is now only putting a xanax under my tongue and a levisin s/l goes under my tongue , i only take these when i am having a severe attack.

            I had to have my son take me somewhere out of the mall, i was hurting bad, and I almost blackout. Well , I thought it had eased up, and it hit again, I found my way back to my son and told him it was getting bad, and the guy behind the counter tried to get me a chair, i knew i was going to throw up, my son had them take me to the dressing room, so i was in the floor in the dressing room, throwing up, i was so embarassed! I finally made it to my car, and we went to the emergency room, and finally after a little while sitting there, my medicine kicked in, and it eased up.

            I had been having a pain before this attack, it feels like someone has their hand, underneath my right ribs and a constant burning in my breastbone area. It's kinda like a geiser (sp), i never know when its gonna blow!! My gosh , these attacks hurt so bad... I'm not a whinney baby either, I had both of my kids without any pain medication at all, and to me, this hurts worse than that!

            By reading different things, I really think I have a stone still stuck like in the duct or something. I read you can still form stones even though your gallbladder is out. I am going to go to another GI dr. and see what he can find out.....this is really crazy & frustrating...