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Endo next week, muscle stretching

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  • Endo next week, muscle stretching

    Hello Board,

    I have just got back from the gastro. He says it seems to be that my throat muscles are tight and this could be causing the problem. So he is going to not only do an endo, but stretching a little my throat muscles. I went okay, and then he said I hope it doesn't make it worse. Didn't make me feel good, but I agreed with him. A gentle little stretch. He says it will probably make my throat sore for a few days.

    I also get to stay extra incase of any medication type problems. He also told me that I could look at doing the medication desensitation program,because he was surprised I had problems on sommac, its one of the more gentler antacids etc. But he also said he is going to take a good look at my throat as well as everything else.

    Its for next friday 12 pm.

    I feel okay, but I also read of someone that had throat problems they did a stretch and he felt so much better. And then had antacids and then within a couple of weeks the problem was resolved. I hope that happens to me. I am looking forward to not having this throat thing. And at present, I am missing being able to eat properly.

    Peaceful Co

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    I'm not clear on what you mean by your gastro thinks your throat muscles are tight, and that a little stretch would help. I'm guessing that you mean that your gastro plans on doing a "balloon dilation" of your esophagus. I would just add my 2 cents that I had a balloon dilation performed when I was having ppi pills stuck in my throat. My gastro thought that perhaps there was a stricture (narrowing) of my esophagus, even though he did not see any evidence of a stricture. I thought we had an agreement going into the endoscopy procedure that he would not dilate unless he saw a stricture. But he must have had a different understanding, because he ended up dilating my whole esophagus even though he did not see a stricture when he did the endoscopy. My LPR has never been the same ever since that dilation procedure. For me, I wish I could turn back the hands of time and un-do the dilation.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm of the opinion that dilations can be very detrimental to a person's LPR problem. And I would give it much thought, and would want to have a firm understanding of the diagnosis, and the reason why the gastro believes that a dilation would be appropriate.

    Based on your comment - "he hoped it wouldn't make it worse".....I'm not sure how reassured I would feel about that comment. Of course I wasn't in the room and don't know the full context of the comment, but anyway, I just wanted to offer up another possible viewpoint to ponder before you jump into something.

    Best of luck!


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      Esophageal Dilation



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        Hello Mark and LSAT


        Thanku for that article it helps.


        I am so sorry for ur situation that it was made worse for u. I have read where people have had good outcomes from endos etc...and those that haven't been that is why the Gastro guy was offering me the truth, that he hoped it wouldn't make it worse, because he knows it can. And thanku for sharing with me about ur medication induced esphegus and treatment injury.

        At present I have difficulty swallowing, I should have been put in the hospital before this for treatment, but for what ever reason I didn't get to go in and have hospital treatment. I am at a situation where I have dysphagia/oynophagia and it is at a point, where I still can not eat properly 8 weeks later. I have lost a lot of weight, but still feel okay despite this. And I can only eat the little, of which I have just about had enough from. I am missing eating properly. And I am getting high cholesterol from what I am eating and have to eat at present. And I am tired of my throat, even though I can sleep through the night with it. Its still awful when u r awake.

        Its my throat they are going to do the stretch in, its my throat muscles that he says are tight and that is what is going to be done a little stretch. I hope too it doesn't make every thing worse and no I didn't feel very reassured about the comment, but I am okay about it now. I am trusting in God for this one, and I am trusting in that the people that are doing this procedure they know what they r doing, which is not that doctor, they have different specialists in each section. And I have to trust, because I am at a point in time, where this is what I have left to do.

        This doctor doesn't know what LPR is, but the ENT at the hospital does.

        He also told me my throat is going to be sore for a few days, so I am expecting concern is also that I hope I don't have a reaction to the anesthetic and endo etc....

        But I have been told by other people in this hospital if I do have a reaction, they know how to treat it and will do what is necessary, so I can have what I need to have.

        I want to go into this patient and calm...if I come out worse, then I hope I will be able to get the treatment for that, and they take responsibility. But I hope from all this I can eat.

        I have read some encouraging stories of different people that have had this done, and they felt better and could eat properly again.

        Peaceful Co