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    From time to time the topic of Gerd and its relationship to anxiety has been presented on the message board. There has always been a diverse field of opinions on the subject. This forum is not intended to provide space for long running debates. Its main purpose is to provide the listing of various web sites and research that touch on the subject, theories and experiences.

    Please adhere closely to the Rules and Regulation when posting to this forum.

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    Can't say nearly enough thanks to you for putting your blessing on this section. I for one really appreciate the validation as well as the opportunity to share with others who've been helped with GERD by dealing with the anxiety aspect of this horrible it supplemental or causative.

    Thanks again and here's to your good health as well.



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      anxiaty and the posible effect on gerd

      Hi all,

      I m new as you may probably be able to guess. I m one of those who is inclined to believe on this rather speculative theory that anxiaty has a lot to do with episodes of heartburn. In april 28th 04 after being in a litigious business buy out that took six months to complete(I was the buyer) , while at the same time I was starting a new company, while I was buying land as an investment, while my beloved mother was laying in a hospital bed recovering from a triple bypass. One friday morning I was sitting in my office and a state inspector comes into my business to confront me about a lawsuit that arose apparently an audit from the state, the inspector was ruthless to me , he treated ne worse than a criminal, he used many tactics to show how much power he had and put me in a position where I could not talk back or defend myself because if I did this would be detrimental to by business existence. He left and fined me ten thousand dollars. That afternoon I began feeling nauseous and dizzy like I was going to faint, I continued feeling this way for the next three days . I went to see a doctor for the first time in my life(I grew up playing sports and staying in shape most of my life.I was a bit on the heavier side about 186 lbs, my usual was 165-170)
      After runing the usual preliminaries, lab work and such, my doc said I was suffering from panic attacks which at the time I refused to accept because I knew nothing about such condition. I refused to accept this because he said to me that this is the way god made me, if this is the way god made me why did he wait thirty years to manifest this on me?
      He put me on zoloft, which I took for only three or four days I could not sleep, was making my heart pound way to fast. Went back and he prescribed other stuff I ended up not taking. I devoloped heartburn from this incident and I had severe panic attacks for the next twelve months, slowly they decreased in intensity and so did the heartburn. Okay just telling the whole ordeal wears me out, but I m having a glass of spanish sangria which puts me in a state of total relaxations which brings me to a point. I ve had all the testing in the world done only to find that I m one of the healthiest individuals that has ever steped into a doctors office, havent we all heard that before? Eccept that regular heartburn medication does not help me. I went to see a gastro in the chicago area summer of 04 who did an endoscopy who prescribed nexium which I took for over seven months to see no results, she also recomended me to a psychiatrist who told me that due to all that I had been true her diagnosis was post traumatic stress dissorder, she recomended and prescribed paxil , she was nice enough to warn me about the possible side effects which of all of them the one I most feared was the sexual side effects , so I decided not to take this drug. I only took nexium and a very low dossage of clidinim caps which is a combination drug that has an anti-cholonergic and chlardiozepam of some type( I never thought in my life I d be talking about drugs like it was candy bar) this medication I took til may 05, really did not see it working a whole lot, it did not stop the anxiaty and the herthburn. I still have hearthburn and anxiaty that is triggered by situations that before were part of daily dealings, its like I lost my ability to deal in my natural habitat, its frustrating at times, I ve since downstreamed my business somewhat to where they re less demanding of me and less stressfull , but still there are times when I want to sell it all and go to costa rica to sail the oceans, but I have family members that are employed by me who have families, besides I m only 32 and still would like to have a family of my own.
      So anyway I dont mean to bore anyone with details nor am I looking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I m simply sharing this to support my theory of hearthburn and anxiaty and their connection and perhaps I would like to get some light from those who have been down this path before and what helped them alleviate the hearthburn? I have a friend who was having the same exact symptoms as me and many others in this pannel. He was put in paxil and nexium and he tells me his hearthburn went away and so did his anxiaty, of course he is still on paxil but droped the nexium. I ve been tempted to go on paxil with the hope that his may help me eliminate my anxiaty thus eliminate my hearthburn?

      If anyone has any light or thoughts on this story I would appreciate any comments.




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        Hi Playbig,

        As one who started this whole "anxiety causes heartburn" thing here....I really just want to say that it doesn't take a bunch of scientists to prove that you get heartburn when upset or even have anxiety and don't know it! Ha~it's true, it happens and that's should be good enough. However, there have been scientific studies on it. Look up Dr. Shipko and his anxiety studies.

        Here's to better health.




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          Playbig, looks like I've found someone who shares my pain. On 12/22/06 I experienced what I thought was a severe case of heartburn that happened to coincide with the news that a friend had passed away of an apparent heart attack.
          I called my doctor who happened to have an appointment open that day. So I packed up and on the way there thoughts of heart burn, heart attack friend passing, got me wound up. To top it off I called my wife who's a RN and she warned me that I could be having a heart attack, my anxiety was off the chart. I had to pull over for fear of fainting. Gathered my composure and proceeded nervously to the appointment. EKG was good, Dr. told me I was fine.
          I had one other episode a week later which followed a terrible case of heartburn. Since, I've taken a zantac twice a day and klonopin before bed. While I still feel anxious here and there I haven't felt "doomsday" since. My gut feel is that it has more to do with the pressures of life than any physical condition. The pressure seems to be the catalyst for the heartburn coupled with anxiety. I've also learned that nerves passing your heart on their way to your stomach can become irritated by reflux or indigestion, or so my Dr. told me. That's why my arms and fingers were numb, which I didn't know.
          I've cut out caffeine all together and cutback on alchohol and redmeat which seems to lessen number of heartburn episodes. Excercise helps and letting trivial things pass is a way to avoid the pressure. Think positive, surround yourself with positive people. Good luck and God bless.


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            anxiety and vocal trouble?

            Hi all,

            Looks like this thread was started a long time ago... but if anyone's still out there:

            I have been experiencing vocal trouble for about 2 1/2 years now. I am a singer/music teacher and my voice is my lively hood. After seeing EVERY doctor there is (ENT, vocal specialist, allergy dr., acupuncture, pulmonologist, etc.) I have been diagnosed with GERD. I do not experience any symptoms other than vocal loss. I have no heart burn or burping, but I've been on Nexium for many months and I do seem to do a lot better when I am on it. Forgetting to take it even for 1 day makes me lose my singing voice.

            Someone suggested to me that anxiety might cause these problems... does anyone have experience with Paxil or any other anxiety med helping with GERD and vocal trouble?

            Thanks for any info you can give...


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              It's In The Gas

              Hi Dorothy,

              Yes, this is an old thread. And I'm one of the "old threaders" from around here. As an "anxious gerder" I can tell you that keeping the stress from my life has all but made my GERD symptoms disappear. (and I'm talking the really horrible ones like harsh voice, esophageal tremors, panic attacks, going to the ER several times, etc., etc.) After nearly four years now, I keep just regular "heartburn" at bay with a few chewable Gaviscons some times when I eat large portions of Mexican Food or anything with onions in it. However, when anxiety really hits, and it has me up late nights worrying and producing excess stomach acid, I will take on an as-needed-basis a 1/2 mg dose of Xanax for a few days. Then I'm good again for months.

              It has been proven that one of the triggers for "a little extra" bile production is stress or anxiety. This is nature's way of giving us what we need to to "burn fuel" during stressful times.....such as when we're exercising or in traumatic scenarios that might be so "happy".

              One of the times that we are not so happy is when we process stress late at night when we should be sleeping or just sitting around during the day. When this occurs and we "stir the pot" of gastric juices which creates excess gas in some of us. This excess gas puts pressure all the way up to our Lower Esophagal Sphincter and at times will push some unwanted juices up in our Esophagus. And, as in your situation, we get it all the way our throats and even in our sinuses causing things like voice loss and asthma.

              Furthermore, if we are sensitive enough, just the gasses from the acid will be enough to harm our upper regions where this nasty stuff shouldn't go Yikes!

              So, yes, Dorothy there are ways to try to see if you may be a candidate for lowering your anxiety levels and hopefully stop this possible harmful side effect that's affecting your voice. It's completely worth looking into with your gastrointerologist to be sure!

              All Best,


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                I have read alot of your posts in the past. I just have one question have you had the breathing problems caused by all of this? and when you get rid of the stress did theat go too??


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                  Originally posted by CHALUPA View Post
                  I have read alot of your posts in the past. I just have one question have you had the breathing problems caused by all of this? and when you get rid of the stress did theat go too??
                  Hi Chalupa,

                  I have never had any breathing problems. However, with a full on panic attack breathing can be a chore with most cases I've heard about. But, as far as respitory problems with GERD/Asthma symptoms.....not in my case.

                  Thanks for reading about my "journey" with anxiety/GERD. Hope some of it has helped... as I was helped by my friend Hallsy, whom I met on this message board, in relation to all things "anxious".



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                    keep fingers crossed...

                    Hi GW -

                    I'm so glad that you wrote back - I've been reading your threads for the past week and I was hoping that you would be one of the people to respond to my plea. You seem to be quite knowledgable and experienced with all of this...

                    I am going to make an appt. to see my gastro guy again, but who do you suggest I go to for anxiety? My general dr? I suppose he will be able to refer me to someone in any case.

                    Thank you again for your advice - i will let you all know how this turns out. Hopefully a happy ending.



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                      Originally posted by dorothy3574 View Post
                      I am going to make an appt. to see my gastro guy again, but who do you suggest I go to for anxiety? My general dr? I suppose he will be able to refer me to someone in any case.
                      The normal protocol around here is to see your general doctor for anxiety problems. If you are up late at nights worrying about this or can't function normally during your regular work day, it's considered a serious general medical problem.

                      I will do my normal "warning" about Xanax (alprazolam) and say that it, like all Benzodiazapines, are habit forming. That is why I've never taken more than the "entry level" doses and only 1x per day...usually at night....or I've broken it in half and taken one in the day for normal day-to-day stress and then the other just before bedtime. The 1/4 mg of this stuff didn't even seem like I was taking anything at all....and that's what I wanted since I'm very sensitive to most meds. Plus, I'm a scardy-cat of drugs.

                      Your doctor may perscribe an SSRI instead stating that the "anxiety relief properties" in an anti-depressant will calm you "eventually". However, as in my case, the anti-depressants actually MADE me more nervous. So, they also suggest (at times) that people take both meds to start off with since the side effects of both will offset one another. (which I thought sounded dumb at first).

                      At any rate, check with your doc and good luck with your path to wellness!

                      (I say "luck" because as most things in life ....this CAN be sort of a "crap shoot" )



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                        Thank You!

                        Hi GW,

                        Just wanted to thank you again for your well-thought out response. Just the fact that I have found "others" after 2 1/2 years is making me feel better. I have been suffering "undiagnosed" for so long that I lose hope every once in a while. I'm just tired of fighting it and of seeing doctors.

                        I will keep you informed and I'm glad to have found this site.

                        Thank you again - be well



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                          GERD hell

                          Hi all,
                          I just discovered this forum and I'm happy I did. My story: I have been suffering through GERD hell for the last 12 years. I control it (or try to) with Nexium, raised bed, decent diet and exercize. However, for the last two years i have been getting a symptom that is driving me crazy. Every few months, i have an episode of alomost constant gas pressure in the upper chest area with alot of belching, noisy gas rumblings up and down the esophagus and missed heartbeats. Cardiologist tells me I'm fine and the missed beats are due to the gastro issues. Once these episodes start they last for SEVERAL WEEKS!!! Anyone else suffer from this? Anyone with any helpful info?
                          Good day to you all,


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                            Hi Izzeedee,

                            Yes, most of us have had what you are describing. What you may be experiencing is the esophageal flutters that come from the sometimes constant spasms associated with this stuff. The skipped heartbeat feeling may be just that...... a "feeling"...... due to the "flutters" of the spasms. And since your cardio folk have checked you out this may be a good answer for you.

                            However, aren't they the worst feelings? They are quite frightening and can cause anxiety in the strongest and most steadfast of us. There has also been extensive study on heartburn and it's relationship to the Vagus nerve. And that "wandering" nerve ("vague" thus the root term) runs all over the place and affects several different tissues and organs. And it can be different in every other person. Here's just one of many spots to read about it ... [url][/url]

                            Hope we and all of this helps in your journey with this "GERDville" syndrome..... to not only give you a better handle on your medical plan but also to calm your feelings over it and gain a modicum of peace. Something we all need in order to carry on our various callings in life.

                            All the best! and a HEARTFELT WELCOME again!



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                              Hi GW,

                              Thank you for your reply. It certainly helps to konow that you arent alone. Doctors just don't get how this effects your entire life. Fortunately, (for me, not for him) my cardio suffers from occasional minor reflux symptoms so he has an inkling. I'm happy I found you felas and i'll be checking in now and then so we can share insights and experiences.

                              Good luck and thanks again,