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Anxiety meds helping Gerd

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  • Anxiety meds helping Gerd

    I know a few of our former,and present members have been able to there Gerd under Control using this approach..
    Xanax for the anxiety,and a SSRI for the rest,because xanax dosen't last long.The SSRI approach though comes with baggage as i have learned through my years of anxiety over 6 1/2 years.The side effects are worse anxiety,to just feeling crazy thats who it was for me.

    G.W though as I read back on some old posts with Diet,and PPI usage,and SSRI medication,and the use if xanax went from suffreing to living.That gives hope to others read the archives,I wish more would post on this subject here,as I attend many anxiety chats,and forums and most have gerd maybe a 1/4..A DR knows common knowledge stress/anxiety/depression usnt good on the body/stomach for that matter..I wish it was all in my head I realize I have a disease,but as Ive posted in other threads,how much is anxiety driven no tert can prove.Also us anxiety people dont fare as well with surgical treatment..Hopefully more start posting..
    God Bless

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    Works great, but the cost can be very high!


    See my response:


    True, this is for LPR, but long term use of Xanax can paradoxically ultimately lead to the very same symptoms it was originally given to treat. Just as one of the side effects of Nexium can be heartburn (!), one of the side effects of Xanax can be anxiety (!). But seriously, YMMV. It is not benign and the responses to medication are very individualistic. Some can take it for 20 years and drop it like aspirin, some can take it for a week and suffer so greatly that they wish they were dead. Most fall some place in between.

    So, it was a godsend for me while my throat was healing, but now I'm paying the price. And yes, the archives have shown that it helped GW greatly, and I also know that the intermittent use of it has helped daw. So I cannot deny that it is useful. Just want to let you know that it is also unpredictable. Kind of like fire. Useful, but can get out of control. And if/when it becomes necessary to discontinue it, chances are you are in for a world of hurt. Even knowing this, I risked it. So far, my withdrawal has been moderately painful (and not as bad as the LPR was at its worst), but definitely not fun. Y'pays your money and y'takes your chances. LOL


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      Yeah ive been on xanax for years but min was for anxiety so I wouldnt lose my Job.I needed a quick fix,because my heart felt crazy at the age of 31,and I thought I was doomed.Take a pill it got beeter,so I could rationalize hey its not my heart just my anxiety..Well I got Gerd years later,and xanax can help with that also..

      Im also talking SSRI medication not just xanax,but changing the serotin levels etc..I have a problem that pretty mych makes me disablded without heartburn my anxiety is horible,with it just worse.So the thought of no xanax make no sense good reply,im loking more for a response of treating anxieties,and depression as a whole,and Gerd getting better.I think we all know anxiet,stress,and depression arent Gerd Friendly?


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        What is better for anxiety Xanax or Valium? I am going to ask the doc for some to get me through this rough patch with the reflux.


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          Kim there was a Dr who posted here I dont have the threads or anything but he found that treating anxiety,in anxious Gerd people helped..Daw could help me with this I think he said,that Xanax worked good for Gerd,and with Bile reflux.Alot of people have posted here did the xanax treatment got better,some needed ssri mdications to.I have panic disorder and xanax is just a crutch for me.Valium is ok,but I belive it shouldnt be takin with PPI medication..Check with your Dr,i wish more people posted in the anxiety forum lol..


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            Dr.Shipko I belive thats how its spelled was the Dr who did the Gerd/Anxiety treatment you could google his name..


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              Thanks. I will check it out. I did Xanax and few years back for a month and it did help get things under control. I have such a low tolerance to meds like Xanax that I could only take 1/2 of the smallest dose or I would be sound asleep! When I go back to the GI on the 14th I am going to ask him for some.

              I can say since I switched from Nexium to Prevacid a few days ago my anxiety has cut way down. GI doc told me he has had several patients who have had to go off Nexium after being on it for a while because of anxiety.

              Right now he has me on just the Prevacid and take Maalox as needed. Last week I ws taking Nexium 20 2x a day and 150 mg of Zantac 3x a day. So, I am hoping I can get by with just this new drug cocktail. (And maybe a little Xanax too!)



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                Just be very careful!!!!!


                Since you said you are very sensitive, it may be a good idea for you to check out another site before you add Xanax to your cocktail.


                Read the stories, etc. Now, as I said before it totally controlled (masked) my LPR cough while the Nexium enabled my throat to heal, and many have had relief with GERD, look carefully at the side effects, one of them IS GERD! I doubt that your GI will prescribe it as it is outside their specialty. I had to see a Psychiatrist to get the 'script. But even many of them are not knowledgeable enough to manage this medication, yes MANAGE because at some time you may wish to discontinue it, or, if you are very sensitive, you may reach tolerance at a low dose and if THAT happens you are in a heap of trouble.

                So all I'm saying is before you do this, become informed so that you can make an informed decision, like I did. I knew the dangers, and I'm now facing them. It is a crap shoot genetically speaking.

                Again, I'm not saying it wouldn't help you in the short term, it is the long term that I'm concerned about!

                So now you can't say you haven't been given the tools to make up your mind. I truly wish you the best and understand the intense drive to get relief from your pain.



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                  I agree with NB that one must be careful when taking Benzodiazepines. Be aware that the web site mentioned is extremely anti Benzodaizepines and considers them dangerous, lethal and of no use whatsoever. Similar web sites can be found for SSRIs too.

                  Xanax does have its uses, especially in the Panic areas. One must weigh all the facts and decide with their doctors. I've seen many people refuse needed medications due to scary websites. That said, Benzodiazepines are physically addicting and can be psychologically addicting in some people...possibly leading to abuse in these addictive personalities. Yes, some people will experience withdrawal when on long term or high doses and need to taper appropriately.

                  There are Benzodiazepines other than Xanax and I don't feel they should all be lumped into one catagory. You should try and find out as much as you can about a drug and that includes the good points as well as the bad.


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                    Im just saying from what ive read is that xanax if you have anxiety,and Gerd its been proven that Xanax can help.I dont agree that its a masking agent at all.If you have Panic disorder like I do,than xanax can help yes it is additcting researcg is good..You guys lost me on this one..


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                      One more thing I agree if someone ius senstive than look out before you take a drug like this,a pyschiatrist could help out more..

                      I saw a new Pysch yesterday and he thought about half my Gerd was anxiety driven..

                      Im disabled agoaphobic little diffrent than most here..

                      Than I saw my pyscholgist today he said its common sense you can make your blood pressure rise with anxiety stress,that being said putting presure on the Les would be the same with acid..That was his thoughts but there are not Gi's..

                      I think there is a connection I got anxiety before Gerd I know I have the disease being Gerd,anxiety makes it worse..Do I still need the surgery I dunno its hard to tell until I figure out my anxiety is causing some of this..


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                        Is agophobic where you don't want to come out of the house? I had a bad bout of anxiety 4 years ago and that is how I was.



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                          Kim its like that and the fear of the open opposite of being closed in..Sucks


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                            Yes Kim, agoraphobia is fear of open spaces and leaving your house.

                            Hi daw, yeah... forgot to mention that the site I was referring to has a heavy agenda. You are quite correct as they feel there are NO medical uses, including end of life (hospice) relief! Very heavy handed, but there are a lot of broken people on the forums.

                            Trailerman, yes, there is a GERD/anxiety relationship (read some of GW archived posts). And some people are helped greatly, but please note that as a GABA agonist, Xanax can INCREASE the occurance of transient LES events that are characteristic of GERD, in other words, GERD can become a side effect of taking Xanax (in people who haven't had it, don't know about those who do). It works, in part by either a) calming the stomach via the parasympathetic nervous system or b) masking pain directly perhaps by calming one's perception of it.

                            It is not meant for long term use (but then neither are PPI's, eh?).

                            Kim, if you've had an agoraphobic episode my personal opinion is to consider your choice of taking Xanax carefully. I have observed on the benzo forum that the persons with the worst symptoms of withdrawal and tolerance (withdrawal WHILE taking the drug due to sensitivity - meaning you can never take enough to stop it) happen to people who were agoraphobic or had panic attacks, statistically speaking. I'm not trying to frighten you, only enlighten you with my observations.

                            As I said, for me it was a godsend, but getting off of it (see my earlier link) has been a difficult and long drawn out task.

                            I agree with daw that there are medical uses for benzos, that the various ones have different "targets" although all work on the GABA receptors, and so while they are not all equivalent, they can be judged by half-life and potency in relationship to Valium.

                            Just like when I had to learn about LPR (and learn I did) to deal with it, I've also had to learn about this class of meds, and Xanax in particular.

                            Okay, the disclaimer... the above is merely my expressed opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. LOL.

                            My best wishes to all of you, and especially daw, you are such a dear and an inspiration.



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                              Originally posted by trailer_man
                              ....I think there is a connection I got anxiety before Gerd I know I have the disease being Gerd,anxiety makes it worse..Do I still need the surgery I dunno its hard to tell until I figure out my anxiety is causing some of this..
                              Hi TM,
                              Not to rain on your parade but someone who has been through so much with anxiety (like agoraphobia) can learn to cope with their anxiety but never really lose its "taste" so to say. You, like me, will probably have to deal with it the rest of your life in some form or another. As you learn to effectively deal with it, it will be less intense but will rear its ugly head from time time. If it is causing most of your reflux, in my opinion, it will continue to do so in the future too. So basing on whether you get the Fundo or not on the long process of learning how to control your anxiety may not be realistic. Just my opinion.