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  • swollen stomach

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me if they ever suffer from a swollen stomach.

    What I mean by this is the left side of my stomach is noticeably swollen you can see that the left side sticks out more than the right side.

    You can notice this looking at my stomach head on or from my angle.

    Does anyone know what can cause this???????

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    Oh the causes of bloating- let me count the ways

    Hi There Shelly There are so many causes of this type of bloating. Let's see A hernia of some sort, Gerd can even do this , hiatal hernia, any kind of neoplasm - mass, -----delayed gastric emptying, IBS, IBD- some other sort of bowel problem, aerophasia ( air swallowing)

    Malabsorption is also a cause of bloating.- tests for celiac disease, fat or lactose intolerance can be done, You didn't say where exactly on the stomach ( how far down) so it's hard to pinpoint and even take a half educated guess.- and it would be only a guess anyway.

    There are more causes of bloating i'm sure but my brain is not processing. Your best bet is to be examined by a doctor visually- and see what he thinks


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      Re: swollen stomach

      [i]Originally posted by Shelley [/i]
      What I mean by this is the left side of my stomach is noticeably swollen you can see that the left side sticks out more than the right side.
      Hey There Shelley,

      How much is "noticeable", as in cms or inches, and does any pain accompany this? Can you actually feel any sort of tissue mass?

      Btw, how's the anxiety issues these days since we last spoke? Hope all is otherwise well with you.



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        Hi GW,

        Thanks for your concern about the anxiety. It is still there it probably will be until after my appointment with the cardiologist on the 20/8. I am so afraid that flutter is my heart. I just keep reading old messages and it makes me feel alot better knowing that the heart flutter is probably part of gerds.

        Anyway, getting back to the swollen stomach, you can see that it sticks out alot more than the other side. I can feel it when I touch both sides that it is quite alot larger that the other side.

        Sometimes when I touch or push a little on it, it really, really hurts and I am quite good with pain, so for me to say it hurts it must really hurt.

        It isn't there when I lay down only noticeable when I stand up.




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          More Details

          ......ok, Shelley, once again, how large is the protrusion? Also where exactly is it on your torso? The stomach is actually under your left side ribcage. Do you mean the gut or belly area perhaps? Like between the belly button and ribcage....maybe? Also, is there any extra heat at the site?


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            Re: more details

            The swelling is on the left side just under the rib, it starts in the front slightly to the left and goes around to the left side. Maybe it is just when my stomach gets bloated but like I said before it is extremely sore at times.

            It is probably an inch or two larger than the other side, the only way I can describe it is when you are pregnant and the baby decides it wants to favour one side for a while and you can see it on that side. (Strange Hay).

            When I touch it, it feels lumpy like bubble wrap.

            I know this sounds silly but trust me I am all there.



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              Well Shelley, ya got me bamfoozeled!

              Sounds like something I'd have already been barking about in my doctor's office or an ER room....that's for sure, mate! Anything that's that large and feels like bubble wrap is beyond anything I've ever heard of on GERD subjects.

              Hope you get some answers......SOON!



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                Only a guess

                From your description Shelley, it sounds very much like a ventral maybe epigastric hernia. A hernia cannot be seen when laying down,( as in your case) -- only when standing up. Hernias are reducible, except when incarcerated.

                Only a guess- a person would have to see it. If it doesn't go away, it's a fairly good possibility that's what it is