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  • Gurgle in throat

    I recently had an endoscopy done on 1/23/03 and the very next morning I had severe chest pain. I never had a feeling like this. I called the docter, I was told to stay on my medicine. (Protonix) The next day I noticed that I have a small gurgle in my throat, I don't have to be eating, it just happens. Does anyone know if they will be able to figure out what is going on? It is very annoying. I spend my days wondering what is causing this. I called the nurse and left a message with her, she never called me back. There are tests that can help me, right???

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    Hi KeepSake,

    It could be that they're esophageal spasms. Maybe the endoscope irritated the esophagus a little. The chest pain could be spasms/cramping of the esophagus. I had something similar recently during recovery from fundo surgery. They eventually went away. Also, prior to my post-fundo endscopy I was having weird severe traveling spasms at the low end of my esophagus...not related to the endoscopy. After my post-surgery endoscopy, the spasms changed and traveled up from the base of the esophagus all the way to the top. It could be that your spasms are carrying gas/air up from your esophagus or stomach and that is the gargling noises that you're hearing. I get gargling noises now (I have some mild to moderate spasms) when I swallow air and the spasms carry the air back up (but I now have a wrap which prevents air from going directly into the stomach past the LES). This is all speculation of course. I hope you can determine what is ailing you. If they are spasms, they usually subside over time (if the endoscopy just irritated your esophagus...unless, for example, stomach acid leaking past the LES at the base of your esophagus is causing them). Let us know if/when you determine what is causing the gargling noises. Take care.



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      I gotta agree. It makes total sense that the gurgles are gas and air bubbles. I had the gurgles for two weeks, I think, when my problems first started four months ago. Anxiety over my condition seemed to make the gurgles and lump in my throat worse (or caused them in the first place, perhaps.) The gurgles are not permanent, they will stop, rest assured. Try not to obsess about them.

      BTW I also get esophageal spasms, which I feel as persistent chest pressure or temporary spear-like pain going through my chest.