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sudden onset of severe stomach pain bloating and tenderness

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  • sudden onset of severe stomach pain bloating and tenderness

    Hi everyone.
    I was doing rather well taking nexium each day, ( sometimes twice per day ) for about a month.
    It reduced my LPR symptoms about 90%.

    About a week ago, my stomach started being very tender to touch and very upset with pain like something like a watermelon is in my gut. ( upper stomach )
    On the days when I took 2 nexuim, this seemed to be worse. but I dont know if that is a coincedence or not.

    Since i was getting so much better, I had not been keeping my food diary, so I dont know what I could have eaten to cause this. But for 3 days now all I have had is yougart, baked potatoe, smoothy, watermelon, chicken broth, chamamile tea, almond milk, and none of this is helping.
    I cant eat much, and Im afraid to anyways. The pain stays whether my stomach is empty or partly full.

    Not nausea, but just big PAIN, even when I move certian ways.
    I feel like doubleing over with the pain. I happened to be at the stomach doctor thursday when this started really bad.

    He examined me and saw that it was tender. He agreed to scope me in a few weeks, and didnt seem to think nexium could cause this. Plus it has gotten worse since then.

    My stomach is so upset, when the wave of pain gets worse, my heart skips beats and flutters.

    Could this be from nexuim?
    THere is no point in going to the ER. I just ate some potatoe, so they couldnt do an ultrasound anyway.

    ANy ideas, anyone?

    I hate to get off of the nexuim, but i think i should.....

    thanks ellie

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    To Ellie

    Hi Ellie Diet is a part of GERD in some, but most people cannot control their Gerd on diet alone.

    It doesn't have to be anything you ate to cause a relapse, Gerd can relapse regardless of diet. GERD is a chronic relapsing condition. It's going to wax and wain regardless.

    Getting off of PPIS when you have Barretts is not a wise thing to do, perhaps cut down to one PPI or change to another drug. Nexium can cause abdominal pain of course, ab pain and bloating are listed side effects -- but many GI problems can cause those symptoms as well. There is no way of knowing the cause of your pain. About the only thing you can do is switch drugs and get yourself checked out if the pain continues.

    But haven't you had bad stomach pains for quite a few years that come and go? Ever had a gastric emptying study? ct scan? etc


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      Had cat scan 1 year ago.

      Had cat scan 1 year ago.

      I see no point in a gastric empy study. I will not take reglan.

      I m sure with ppis, I am not digesting properly.

      No, I cant cut it out completly.
      I may give my body a rest, take 2 pepcid for a week then get back on just one ppi.

      I will just have to take gavistion in between I guess. What a mess.

      I could experiement and let the pain subside, then get on 2 ppi again and see what happens...


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        Hi Ellie But there are other treatments for gastric emptying such as antibiotics and botox. Also there would be a special gastroparesis diet to follow that could help symptoms significantly.

        Yes it is a mess . Noone likes these drugs, they bothered my digestion i have to admit but unfortunately there aren't many alternatives .

        You're right , all you can do is experiment with the drugs. Sorry you aren't feeling well Ellie , hope you feel better soon.


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          Hi doses of PPIs or H2s cause me to suffer very painful bloating, tenderness and even episodes of severe abdominal pain. I found that I have to stop taking the meds at times. Also, watching my diet while I am on them helps to reduce the bloating. The severe pain is only stopped when I stop the meds. It also effects my heart and causes skipped beats.

          My gastro doc hasn't got a clue about it and denies that the meds could do that, but I can only go by what I experience.

          I just got off of 40mg of Pepcid twice a day for a little over two weeks. I had to stop because I was so sick from it. I actually felt much better without it and the hearts PVCs have stopped for now.

          I am now taking 20mg Pepcid before bedtime. I believe that the bloating caused by the highter doses of meds put pressure against my stomach which put pressure against my lower sphincter which causes the esoph. spasms which effect my heart.

          My doctor has been of very little help with this and I have pretty much had to do trial and error to get as far as I have. For a long time (about 9 months) I could not even walk up a flight of stairs without severe PVCs. My cardio doc gave me a full exam with a stress test and a surgical test where he looked at my heart through a probe inserted through an artery in my leg. He said he saw absolutely no signs of any heart problem.

          I still have some esoph spasms, but they have not been severe enough in about a week and a half to trigger PVCs.

          Good luck with your situation.


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            I have been reading all day on gastropeisis, and i am sure this is part of the problem, aggrivated by nexuim.

            everyone says to eat healthy for GERD, no sugar, no white flour.
            Well that leaves alot of fiber, which I have been eating alot of.

            TOO MUCH of it I think.

            My system cant handle that,, and then when I bloat, and cant digest, then it causes reflux.
            So now the new chalange to eliminate most of the fiber also...

            The diet is being more and more limited. I was eating cabbage, brocoli, and some "healthy" chips made from seseme seeds.
            No more. Maybe later,, if I cook them very well and just eat a little bit.

            So today I went on all bland, yougart, bked potatoe, buttermilk, cottage cheese, toast, banana, etc, and I feel 60% better already.

            I also cut back to 1/2 nexuim in the mornign and one half before dinner, Maybe that is helping too.
            So far no bad heartburn...


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              I dont belive you have to give up sugar or flour to be eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet consits of fresh foods not overly processed to where you lose the nutirtional value. I think it would be in your best interest to seek a dietitian to help you get a better handle on how to eat with gerd. For your fiber look to whole grain cereals and breads. Its more than just the fiber in cabbage and broccoli that cause bloating. There are alot of veggies that are high in fber that dont cause bloating. I would be careful about to much diary especially the buttermilk. I would think skim milk would be a better choice. It is hard to sort out exactly what foods bother you and dont. On the other like Tricia said your problem may not be caused from what you eat. I myself was bothered by everything but the biggest cause was that my les was not working at all. Avoiding any food for me was not going to make a difference. I did do better though when I switched to a more heathly diet my nexium seemed to work some what better but not a MIRACLE cure.


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                Hi Ellie I agree with Maxx. I myself never gave up all sugar and flour , i feel the most important thing with GERD is a well balanced diet , small meals and a limited fat intake -- This applies to all GERD because transient LES relaxations occur directly in response to stomach distention. Fat stays in the stomach much longer than other foods, thus exacerbating reflux , and also the bigger the meal, the more distention.-- and the more LES relaxations.

                Where people do differ is their individual trigger foods. I guess you have to experiment with your diet as well as medication. We all tolerate different things. But diet alone unfortunately doesn't cure the vast majority of GERD. But you do say you think diet plays a big role in your GERD personally , which it does in some. We're all different.

                I'm glad whatever you are doing is helping and you are feeling better . Take Care


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                  Hi Ellie,
                  I recently started eating alot of fiber too and im paying for it. I could turn around and blow out every one of George Burns birthday candles from 1000 yards. I made the mistake of eating raisin bran and i feel sooo bloated right now my stomach feels hard. I NEVER get gas EVER, until i started eating so much fiber. I guess we have to find a good balance.


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                    Originally posted by Dale30
                    I recently started eating alot of fiber too and im paying for it. I could turn around and blow out every one of George Burns birthday candles from 1000 yards.
                    LOL. I've been ingesting loads of fiber (more and more each year) and I'm still trying to find a good balance. Just when you think you have things under control, your meds change and you have to start all over.


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                      Its amazing though because today for the first time in years i can hardly even make myself burp! I always refluxed EVERYTHING. This fiber thing is really working for me. I only been eating it for like 2 weeks.


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                        Now that you mention it....I don't burp very much...I never did....all the activity is/was from the other end. But then I still reflux because with out my meds my symptoms return regardless of how much fiber I'm eating.


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                          Something has definatly changed and helped me daw. Its really amazing so far. I have been getting worse and worse lately until i started on all the fiber. It does make me gassy but it also seems to inflate my stomach and hold the LES closed. I'm pretty sure it was wide open before. Maybe my entire digestive system was out of whack from not enough fiber i dont know. I dont know how long this will last either because i just started it but im really excited to have taken a step forward anyways. If anybody else hasnt tried it yet, its worth a shot... I'd drink out of mud puddles if i thought it would help.