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Feeling Of Heat At The Back.

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  • Feeling Of Heat At The Back.

    I Would Want To Find Out About This Conditions Of Feeling Heat At My Back Most Times I Lean On A Surface. I Also Feel Some Funny Movements In My Chest Area Especially The Rib Cage Area.this Happens Mostly During The Day Period.Most times the feelings are burning.

    Anyone With These Kind Of Feelings.
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    where in your back is your burning? Lower, upper back, between shoulder blades, middle? Does it radiate, or is it in one place?

    Also, where on the rib cage? lower, across the middle, front or back? Is your rib cage hurt when you touch it? Do you have burning near your stomach that goes across the bottom of your rib cage?



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      the heat

      No Jenni The Heat I Feel At The Back Concentrates Mainly At The Center Of My Back. Also I Feel No Direct Pain When I Touch The Ribs. The Heat Feeling In My Front Area Sometimes Changes To Some Kind Of Pain I Cannot Just Describe. Not That It Pains Me That I Will Start Crying But It Kind Of Discomfort And Sometime As If I Am Being Ticklled Inside.



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        well, i too get burning not so much in the center of my back but in the upper part of my back, which i think is part of GERD. If you have a peptic ulcer though you should be on a PPI (nexium or prilosec) to treat the ulcer. An ulcer will give you burning in your stomch and hunger pains. In so far as your back and around your ribs that too could be associated with GERD- if you are refluxing acid- that burns. Somtimes i have chronic burning. It can wax and wane.