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Gingko Biloba or L-Lysine bad for stomach?

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  • Gingko Biloba or L-Lysine bad for stomach?

    Just curious as I'm thinking of trying both!

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    Lysine OK, Gingko No-Go

    My experience has been that L-Lysine has no ill effects on my GERD. Gingko Biloba tends to worsen my GERD over time. I suspect the problem with gingko might be that it is thought to promote improved circulation via vasodilation through the nitric oxide pathway. If true, then it could worsen GERD in a manner similar to nitrates. Whether that is true or not, gingko biloba made my GERD worse so I stay away from it.


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      You'll need to find out by trying these, of course. We are all different. I never used L-Lysine, but I did use gingko biloba, and it did not bother me.


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        try ginger root pills. they seem to help me, i take one after eating breakfast and dinner. i am basically just trying anything i can to totally relieve the symptoms for as long as i can .