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  • Results of Gastroscopy

    I had a gastroscopy today and are a little unsure with the results as I haven't spoken to the GI Dr. yet.

    Large Gastric Residue

    Esophagus Other

    Intact Funcoplication.

    My questions are if the fundo is intact 90 degress can I still be refluxing?

    What would be meant by large gastric residue was seen in the stomach?

    Thankyou in advance


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    Can't really be of much help on this, but I do want to let you know that I am refluxing at the moment, and my wrap is intact (lap Nissen was done in late 2000) -- the reason for my reflux is that I have h. pylori. I'm being treated, and I am getting better.


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      How do you think you got H pylori? How many anti-bioctics are you on and for how long? I heard its naturally occuring but are there any foods that might contribute to bacteria like sushi?
      I am currently awaiting my biopsy results on it will know on Friday.
      Best of luck!


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        I wonder if the gastric residue would be due to gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying)?

        Has anyone else suffered from this????



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          Hi Shelley Yes the gastric residue could be due to delayed gastric emptying or other things like duodenal regurgitation ( bile reflux) malapsorption , hypersecretion of gastrin etc.

          Also people have different volumes of gastric residue according to their body mass index, so sometimes it means little.

          Most failed fundoplications remain intact . I posted some literature on that before, i'll see if i can find it again for you in the next couple of days. Hope you feel better soon