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Pain between shoulder blades??

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  • Pain between shoulder blades??

    I have just been diagnosed with GERD this month and have noticed upper back pain (feels like a muscle ache) between my shoulder blades. It comes and goes, but is really an annoying ache. Does anyone else have this strange symptom??

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    Yes, that is exactly where I have it! In May I started getting 30 minute massages every week, and that has helped tremendously. Before that, I was using Biofreeze to help with the pain- it's like Icy Hot, without the smell.


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      I've had it too. I think it is GERD related. I think, at least in my case, it was due to pain in the esophagus. When I got my GERD under control, it improved greatly and went away. I found that I could trigger it based on eating certain things. (Things like cinnamon, crumbly cookies, anything with citric acid in it, etc).


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        When my heartburn is going i get the pain there to its scary but alot of us have it..


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          So this pain between the shoulder blades is GERD related? So, is the constant sore throat related as well? It's funny, I can't feel any other symptoms due to the medicine I guess, but these two persist.


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            pain between the shoulder blades

            ive been getting the pain between the shoulder blades with suspected gerd. but the pain ive been getting travels up into my neck mostly on the left side of the neck and down into my rib cages, could this be related to gerd my chiropractor thinks it a chronic back problem as i have this from the moment i get up in the morning until bed with tingling in my hands when laying down. i never get disturbed from it during the night and i always feel good for thse first few minutes of waking the morning. the doctor has prescribed me pariet 20mg for the heartburn, even though i dont taste or experience heartburn. just chronic back pain.

            please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!


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              This reminds me of an episode of "House" (in case you haven't seen it, he's a doctor with a very bad personality, who manages to save patients from undiagnosable diseases, but usually nearly kills them before figuring it out.) He said "choose you specialist, choose your affliction." Meaning if you go to a chiropractor, get a back pain diagnosis, go to some other specialist, you may get a different diagnosis.

              In my case the pain was not constant, and I could correlate it with food or drink. For ex, a drink of a gatorade or kool aid (citric acid) made it worse, while eating cream of wheat made it better.



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                Sorry this is a ‘late’ posting – been on holiday. I get varying pain both between my shoulder blades and in particular under my left one. Yes it is definitely linked with reflux. I know it is hard to believe because I posted questions here about the same thing when I was diagnosed. Hope you find a way round it.


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                  Interesting tidbit: I went for a massage last week and the massage therapist immediately noticed the place between my shoulder blades and then said he had another client with the same tension, who also had acid reflux...I think it's definitely related.


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                    Randy is right. It will gradually go away once you get this under control. It has taken me a good two years. Just because you take your nexium regularly that doesn't mean the pain goes away immediately. The damage must heal and that takes time because acid is always present in the area albeit not as much because the ppi's are limiting it. Just take your meds and don't get depressed because you'll beat this if you stay on top of it.