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    I know, it's a "out there" type of relief but I find what he did back in the early 1900's interesting.

    I made a post earlier last week and I mentioned that I had a popping sensation in my collar bone area that extended down to my chest area when I moved my shoulders. so i did a search on the edgar Cayce site and came up with this

    Here's the link


    This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 16th day of December, 1939, in accordance with request made by the mother - Mrs. [1690], Associate Member of the ***'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.

    Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.

    Time and Place: 4:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. ..., Ky.
    GC: You will give the physical condition of this body at the present time, with suggestions for further corrective measures; answering the questions as I ask them:
    EC: Yes.
    Now, as we find, conditions are in a way where they may be a great deal better, or - without proper precautions, or being mindful of the effect of anaesthesia, and the inclination for the excess acidity - we may take such cold as to produce reactions upon the general nervous system, and activities of the eliminating forces, as to form a character of rheumatic condition, or a neuritic effect - which has been exhibited in portions of the system, - as in the neck and shoulder and along portions of the spine.
    We would take the ENO SALTS in broken doses for periods of ten days at a time, and a rest period of five days, and then again - and so on.
    Also we would take the body-building foods, - as a great deal of milk, or malted milk; none of hog meat or hog fats, and more of the vegetables as the diet.
    Keep the body dry, - that is, from cold, dampness or exposure, or out of drafts or the like.
    And we should bring better conditions for this body.
    Ready for questions.
    (Q) What causes the trouble with left collar bone or shoulder, which hurts and pops when moved?
    (A) The effects of poisons in the system that must be eliminated, and precautions must be taken that cold or congestion, or excess acidity, is not a part of the experience during the time there is the cleansing of the system from the poisons that have been thrown into the system by the affectation of the tonsils and the adenoids.
    (Q) Does the body need glasses?
    (A) Not necessary if the poisons are eliminated and there is the exercise of the head and neck, or head and neck exercise in a circular motion, to strengthen these portions of the system.
    We are through for the present.
    Copy to Mother
    Copy to ***'n file

    11/04/39 See 2036-4 advising removal of tonsils and adenoids.
    1/07/40 Mother's letter: "[2036] had a cold when I got the reading so didn't start the Eno for about a week, but she is taking it now and hope we will soon see a great improvement in her health, thanks to you."
    10/12/40 Mother's letter: "I should have written you long ago about [2036]. She suffers intensely with her ears, jaws and cheeks, especially right side, says her whole head hurts and she can hardly stand the pain and just feels bad all [the] time, and I'm asking you again, when it suits you, if you will give her another reading. I hate to ask you, but something will have to be done for her, and I'm afraid the Doctor would never find the trouble. I am so worried about her. I'm enclosing some questions and if you can give a reading, if you will wire collect, the time, it will save time if it suits you."
    10/19/40 See 2036-6.

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    Nostradamus also predicted this...

    Century 21, Quatrain 42

    From the chest comes both pain and terror. The purple one will come to heal the burn.
    Flames extinguished, there will be peace, union, and change.

    Not making fun, just having fun... been a crappy day.